Friday, February 26, 2016

How Gullible Are You? Part 1: Free Airline Tix?; Febreeze Peanut Oil, Monsanto Rumor, Mother Teresa

There are a lot more crazy things circulating around the Internet this month, and to help dispel falsehoods, or prove truth, here's the first of three parts of this month's "How Gullible Are You?"
See how you do...

1) Mother Teresa at 18:  A viral photograph does not actually show famous Roman Catholic missionary Mother Teresa at age 18.  

2) Does Febreze Contain Peanut Oil? -  No it does not.  Procter and Gamble categorically denies that undeclared peanut or tree nut oils are present in Febreze odor elimination spray or their other products.

3) Southwest Airlines Las Vegas Ticket Giveaway Scam  Southwest Airlines is not giving away four tickets to Las Vegas and $5,000 spending money to Facebook users who share and like a page.

4)  Airline Ticket Giveaway Scam  - Airlines are not giving away free tickets or spending money to Facebook users who share and like a page. Those offers are a form of online scam.

5) Free Chipotle Burrito Coupon - TRUE... but only on Feb. 8No scam: the popular fast casual Chipotle Mexican Grill chain is really offering up mobile coupons for free burritos.
6) Ted Cruz: 'Businesses Should Turn Away Gay Customers'? - False- this one about businesses having a 'right' to turn away gay customers, has been attributed to Senator Ted Cruz. (Although it IS TRUE that he attended and spoke at several "kill the gays" religious rallies.)

7) Hillary Clinton Sat on the Monsanto Board?  FALSE - Hillary Clinton never sat on Monsanto's board of directors, nor does she maintain any known fundraising ties with the agribusiness giant.

8)Six-Year-Old Happy Meal Doesn't Rot? -A Facebook post claimed a six-year-old Happy Meal "didn't rot," but that phenomenon is in no way exclusive to McDonald's food.

9)   Glittery Phone Cases Cause Acid Burns?  Under Investigation.   Multiple consumers have reported that cell phone cases containing glitter suspended in gel have caused severe chemical burns.  New Look, the company that distributed the phone case, said they would investigate the complaint(s) and have removed the product from their inventory. Claims of chemical burns from such phone cases is not unprecedented however: For example, in November 2015, New Zealand woman Erin Nelson reported that she, too, was burned by a mysterious liquid that leaked from her iPhone case

10) Don't Selfie Your Ballot? - In some states it IS Illegal!   Is taking a photograph of your ballot and posting it online illegal? Depends on where you live and how you do it.

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