Sunday, February 28, 2016

How Gullible Are You? Part 3: Levis Logo, Pilot Mysteriously Reappears, Tennis Ball Car Door openers

There are a lot more crazy things circulating around the Internet this month, and to help dispel falsehoods, or prove truth, here's the third of three parts of this month's "How Gullible Are You?"
See how you do...

1)  Is the Levi's Logo Racist?  FALSE- A social media post claims that Levi's "two horse" logo is a racist symbol that represents a slave's being killed.
Just two men and 2 horses.

2) Texas Man Forced to Take Down U.S. Flag Because Muslims Were Offended? -  FALSE  A false claim from 2014 about a Texas man forced to take down his American flag because it threatened Muslims has been resurrected.- KHOU-TV  reported noted that "we saw other patriotic symbols hanging from other balconies in the complex," so the issue was pretty clearly about the manner of the flag's display and not any issues regarding its symbolism.

3)  EPA Seeks to Ban Racecar Conversions? FALSE - An aftermarket trade association's press release misleadingly suggested the EPA was banning road-to-racecar conversions.

WHAT'S TRUE: In July 2015, the EPA proposed clarifications to existing laws governing emissions with respect to road-to-racecar modifications.
WHAT'S FALSE: The EPA is banning road-to-race car conversions.

4) Is Bernie Sanders the Only Presidential Candidate to Pay His Interns?  TRUE- Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders pays his campaign interns, but most (if not all) of the other major presidential candidates do not.

5) Taiwan: MH370 Pilot Mysteriously Resurfaces?  FALSE - A fake news web site reported that the pilot of long-missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 had mysteriously resurfaced in a Taiwan hospital.

6) List of Reasons for Admission to Insane Asylums in the 19th Century   PARTIALLY TRUE-  A list purportedly documents the myriad reasons or symptoms behind patients' being admitted to an insane asylum in the 19th century.(Note: if only  "religious enthusiasm" were still an offense many conservatives would be locked up again.)

7)  This Is (Not) What Happens When You Park in a Handicapped Parking Spot in Brazil   - DONE BY A COMEDY SHOW - 

A video showing the creative shaming of a motorist who illegally parked in a handicapped spot was created by the YouTube comedy team Canal Boom.

9) Bernie Sanders Supporters Get SS Tattoos?FALSE -A Vermont parlor provides free tattoos to Bernie Sanders supporters, but those tattoos do not include the Nazi "SS" symbol. Origin: In February 2016, an image began circulating via social media proclaiming that young supporters of Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders were demonstrating their commitment to this campaign by obtaining tattoos of the "lightning bolt" (Armanen runes) 'SS' insignia utilized by the notorious Nazi Schutzstaffel paramilitary surveillance and terror group:
10)  Can You Unlock Your Car Door with a Tennis Ball?- FALSE  A long-debunked tip claiming you can unlock your car door with a tennis ball has resurfaced on social media but remains utterly false.  ***In 2007 this rumor made it to the attention of Discovery Channel's MythBusters, who addressed it in a brief web video titled "Tennis Ball Car Unlock MiniMyth." In that clip, the team attempted to replicate the results based on the "air pressure" explanation proffered in the video. When the tennis ball method predictably failed, they attempted to unlock a vehicle using much higher air pressure applied in the same fashion, but even that approach proved insufficient for opening a locked vehicle

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