Saturday, March 8, 2014

Part 1: What's behind Some Superstitions? Acorns, Mirrors, Brooms & Bees

Tom was watching the PBS TV series "Doc Martin" recently and someone threw salt over their left shoulder. We wondered what that meant, so I looked it up and found this interesting article on line. Maybe it'll explain some things you've heard about!   There are a lot of superstitions, so you'll be able to read about them over the course of several days.
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Part 1: What's behind Some Superstitions? Acorns, Mirrors, Brooms & Bees

Acorns -  According to Norse folklore, the oak tree was the symbol of the hammer-wielding Thor,  
Thor, the God of Thunder
god of thunder and lightning. To protect their houses from vengeful lightning strikes, the Ancient Norse would fill their homes with acorns collected from Northern oak forests. Fire insurance has moved on a bit since then, but many still pop an acorn in their pocket for good luck.

Broken mirrors  -Seven years bad luck seems a steep price to pay for a common household accident such as breaking a mirror, but that’s nothing compared to the loss of your soul.   Superstition has it that a person’s soul can be seen in their reflection, and if you shatter a mirror then your soul is shattered too. To speed the seven year curse, pick up the broken pieces and throw them into a river flowing south.

Brooms -In the 14th century, rumors first began to circulate that witches flew through the night skies on household brooms. Ever since, brooms have been regarded as signs of ill omen. If you sweep dust out of your front door after dark, it will bring an unwelcome stranger to visit.

Bees  - From Plato onwards, beehives have been venerated as examples of a model society. Legend insists that a beekeeper should talk to his bees every day and keep them up to date on everything happening in his personal life. If he neglects to tell his bees of an engagement or a death in the family, he risks the entire swarm deserting their hives. And we should all try to resist the urge to swat: a bee landing on your hand augurs wealth and good fortune.

NEXT: Superstitions on Fingernails, Fishermen, Frogs and Knives

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