Thursday, October 10, 2013

Big Dog Rescue Day #2: Dachshund Puppy Goes to a Foster Home!

the little dachshund puppy riding to his foster mom
This is part two of our dog rescue work on Tuesday, Oct. 8th. The fifth dog we saw that day was the tiny 3 month old dachshund puppy that we were taking out of the shelter and bringing to a foster mom (through the rescue).
A PICK UP AND FOSTER TRANSPORT -  Before we got to the shelter, we text messaged two of the coordinators, and learned Kristen S., a member of the Dachshund rescue, already went through the approvals to foster the 3 month old Dachshund puppy that was turned into the county shelter with his mother. So, we already had a pick up and transport to do!
Tom carrying the pup to our truck to go to his foster home!
 THE DACHSHUND PUPPY - The little red dachshund puppy, 3 months old was put in the same pen with his mother, in order to keep him from panicking (which he did when she wasn't there). He was about 4 pounds, if that. There were also little scars on his face, so he either got into a scrape with another dog, or had fallen (I would guess the former). As it turns out, ALL FOUR of these dachshunds came from the same home (of a dog hoarder who doesn't believe in spaying an neutering apparently). Fortunately, they were turned in.
Kristen meets her new foster pup!
Kristen and pup ready to go home
 We fell in love with this little nameless puppy immediately. He's a squirmer, though and tried to get away, but we brought a new collar and leash for him, so he didn't get anywhere. The county shelter did give him a flea bath and several shots, so he was coming with us in decent shape (and paperwork).
  After we left the rescue on Tuesday, Oct. 8 at 3 p.m., we arrived home just before 4 p.m. to let our dogs out, and then we drove north to bring the little nameless pup to his new foster mom, Kristin.
  Kristin was working until 5pm, so with traffic, it took us another hour to get the pup to her - and we got there just as she got out of work. We brought a bed for the little guy and some treats to go with him, and Kristin was just gushing over him (we were, too!). Kristin emailed us the next day and told us that she named the puppy "Rocco."
  We were so happy to bring this little puppy to a foster mom who will help him start his life in a great way.



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