Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Foster Update: Tyler's First Anti-Heartworm Treatment

TYLER THE FOSTER DOG UPDATE: Tyler's First Anti-Heartworm Treatment

    Tyler completed his month of pre-heartworm treatment, and on Tuesday he got his first shot to help eradicate the heartworm. The shot was given with an injection of pain medication because it's very painful. Tyler's backside hurt when we brought him home, and he's on pain medication for 2 weeks. The anti-heartworm injection is supposed to kill off the worms around his little heart,  but apparently hurts at the injection site. He's got two more shots to go, both in mid-February.
   We have to keep him very quiet, with little activity for the next three months.
   By mid-August, he gets tested for heartworm again. Hopefully, he'll be free of them. If so, we can get him neutered and he can go to his forever home.

ABOUT TYLER: YOU CAN HELP THE RESCUE COVER HIS COSTS:  Our foster dog, Tyler is a mini black and tan dachshund (he's 12 pounds). We're fostering him through Coast-to-Coast Dachshund Rescue.  If you would like to help in the cost of his Heartworm treatment (it's about $1500.00) you can donate to the rescue at

Tyler wrapped up in a blanket and rolled over all by himself!
Is there a treat in this for me?
  Tyler is now housebroken, although he still needs to be neutered to avoid marking inside (which will happen after his heartworm treatment  is over). Although he hasn't marked in the last couple of weeks, he now wears a "belly band" to prevent
marking. That will change once he's neutered. He loves Pupperoni and little biscuits.
  - He gets excited when anyone comes home and likes to jump up and down, so we nicknamed him "bean" as in Jumping bean!
 - He loves cuddling with our other dogs, and loves playing with stuffed toys and gnawing nylabones.
  He rides well in the car, and usually likes the front seat. He likes to be close to people.
 -Although he sleeps in his crate, in the morning after breakfast, and getting my partner out the door early, Tyler (and our other dogs) nap with me for about 15 minutes before starting my day.  He loves napping ona big bed with someone.
  - He now loves peanut butter, and takes medication with it. It had to grow on him!  He also likes some tuna and chicken  mixed in with his dry kibble. I'm working on getting him to not eat quickly.
  He mastered "sit" and knows what "go outside" means. I timed him so about 15-30 minutes after he has dinner, he  needs to go outside. 

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