Thursday, January 17, 2013

A Big Need to Harness Wind Energy

The Baltimore Sun on Sunday, Jan. 13 reported that Maryland's Governor is still trying to get legislation passed to establish some off-shore wind farms to help power Maryland. 
   Being a former resident of Massachusetts, I (Rob) know that that state has some in place, and have contributed to the generation of power. In fact, according to the Sun, there are three wind projects along the coast in Massachusetts, Rhode Island and New Jersey that stand to benefit from a one-year extension of Congressionally approved extended federal tax breaks meant to encourage renewable energy development. I don't understand the opposition. 
   Some opponents said it would affect fishing, which is done much farther off-shore. Others said wind farms would "look bad." - Funny, how windmills in Holland are considered beautiful.  Others, like the including Maryland State Senator E.J. Pipkin, a Republican representing the upper Eastern Shore, argue that offshore wind is prohibitively expensive, and its higher-priced electricity could cost jobs rather than create them.
  SHORT-SIGHTED POLITICIAN: The Baltimore Sun says that "Pipkin questions why the state should commit ratepayers to nurture a fledgling industry when Western Maryland is sitting on potentially rich reserves of natural gas."  This is WHY we can't get clean energy sources developed. Foolish, short-sighted politicians like Pipkin keep thinking the answer is to drill for more instead of seeking other sources of power. Eventually, everything underground will be used up. We need to wind farms and other sources of alternative energy for us and our children and grandchildren. I don't understand the stupid notion of "live for today." That's incredibly selfish, short-sighted, and arrogant.
 - In a related note, it's Conservative politicians like this fool that are squelching the growth of U.S. innovation.
    THE UPS AND DOWNS:  Okay, so everyone's power bill may increase by as much as $1.50 a month to cover their costs until installed. I don't mind that, especially, when we're 1) Running out of natural resources to create electricity, and 2) that once paid for, our bills will go DOWN. 3) Wind turbines do NOT create pollution.
   MASSACHUSETTS SUCCESS WITH WIND POWER: According to an article in Information Week, " One year after coming on line, a $3.9 million wind turbine is generating a third of a Massachusetts ski resort's power.  For the full success story:

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