Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Stupidity Tries to Discount Science

A friend of mine sent me a link to a right-wing organization's supposed "scientific" outlook on evolution, that said it's a bunch of lies. Oh, boy. The organization iand article is here Four Scientific Reasons That Refute Evolution
   After reading the four silly reasons they gave for discounting the science of evolution, I told my friend:

As a scientist, I have to respectfully say that this is a bunch of right-wing, conservative, religious-influenced bull.
"Institute for Creation Research"  Oh, boy. Why not just call it "Bible Group about Creationism"?
I'm a scientist. We have facts. We do not rely on a 10,000 year old book to tell us the reality of things.
People that wrote the Bible 10,000 and even 2,000 years ago were uneducated.
They thought the world was flat.
The pope prevented Galileo from educating the world about the universe, because "of what his Bible said." Preposterous!
They thought that the Earth was the center of the universe.
They had no idea about geology, heliophysics, what the sun was made of, how weather works, etc. etc.
  - To say that fossils do NOT show the evolution of species is laughable. Of course they do.
We've proven that evolution is a reality. We've seen lesser species die off (even today with the endangered species act), we've seen other species evolve - Look at how Mastadons have branched into today's modern elephants.
     (Let me say that there are some very GOOD churches that actually HELP and LOVE people. I'm not addressing those).
    Right now I'm so disgusted with religious conservatives and the bull they sling about civil rights, politics, evolution, reproductive rights, marriage rights, etc.
    I drove by a Catholic church this weekend and they PAID someone big bucks to make HUGE banners saying "Save Marriage" -Sign the petition to vote gay marriage down. How dare they!  Why don't they sign petitions to throw out and expose the bishops, priests and cardinals that kept the pedophelia quiet?  NO- it's easier to attack gay people.  Many churches (NOT ALL) have become devisive an encourage abuse!
   - I just read about a 14 year old in the midwest that committed Suicide because he's gay, and "religious" people taunted him at school.
  - Last week I blogged about the PREACHER in North Carolina that told his Baptist congregation to "Beat sissy boys and make them men." and "slap girls who act butch."
   I am SO tired of religions telling people how to live, UNLESS its about Love, harmony, and acceptance. That's what Jesus preached. He didn't say "Slap that crap out of your children if they're gay." What has happened to religion?  Have the nuts taken over?
 Religions also know virtually nothing about science. Throughout history the churches have tried to deny global warming as a reality - IT IS HAPPENING. They've silenced Galileo, Tycho Brye and others who helped educate the world.  It has got stop.
   Religions are overstepping their bounds. They need to focus on love, and better treatment of each other. Help the poor and homeless, give people faith. Not encourage violence and take us back scientifically to the 1600s!  Ridiculous.

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