Saturday, May 26, 2012

ENGLAND TRIP, DAY 2, PART 3: The Banqueting House

Inside the Banqueting House
The next place we visited in London on our second day was a place called "The Banqueting House." It is not only historic, but also used to host huge receptions, parties and events today. Not only was this building amazing in its architecture and history, but it was ALSO haunted. As we entered the building, I (Rob) suddenly felt my throat go dry and get sore. I wondered if it was mold, or humidity, but I would learn later what it really was. First, however, you need to know some history. 

Tom says, "It's all mine!"

According to Historic Royal Palaces in the U.K. (, the Banqueting House was originally the property of the Archbishops of York in the 14th century and was used to provide entertainment for King Charles I. It later turned out to be the location of his public execution (outside). It is located near what was the site of the King's principal residence at Westminster. Henry VIII continued Cardinal Wolsey's building program and obtained a large plot of land opposite his new palace  where he built for himself a series of pleasure buildings including tennis courts, a tiltyard for tournaments and a cockpit. On Henry VIII's death the palace covered 23 acres and was the largest royal palace in Europe. It was destroyed by fire on January 12, 1619 and was rebuilt (although all that remains of Westminster Palace across the street is the Jewel Tower, which I wrote about in an earlier entry). 
KING CHARLES I EXECUTED - In 1649, after years of struggle between the authority of Parliament and the power of the King, which culminated in the Civil War (1642-9), Charles I was found guilty of treason and sentenced to death.  
KING CHARLES II - The new life of Whitehall began on May 29, 1660 with Charles II's triumphal procession through the streets of London. **Remember King Charles II**

GHOSTS IN THE HOUSE - We learned that when King Charles II thought that he was so powerful when he took the throne that he could heal people of a throat sickness called "Scapula." King Charles II invited all of the people who suffered from this throat ailment (dry and sore, swelled up throat, like I was feeling) to come into the Banqueting House (where his throne was), so he could touch them and "heal them." SO, I was feeling the sickness of the people who went to be healed. Apparently, some of them are still waiting to be healed by the king and are still there!

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