Wednesday, May 30, 2012

ENGLAND TRIP: Day 2: Part 5b: Ghost/History Walk: Guild Hall (and video!)

Richard Jones and Tom at Roman Arena boundary
Guildhall, Roman ampitheater area in front.
The Guildhall was built in 1411 and was used as a town hall for several hundred years, and is still the ceremonial and administrative center of London. It is believed to be the site where people paid their taxes. During the Roman period (70 A.D.) it was where an ampitheatre stood. What's interesting is that  the outline of where that Roman arena stood is marked with a black circle on the paving of the courtyard in front of the hall. Keep that in mind...
  Guildhall was also the site where Lady Jane Grey learned she was to be executed at 15 years old, because her husband, Robert Guilford tried to usurp the throne. Queen Mary reclained the throne and executed them both.  BTW- It is the only stone building not belonging to the Church to have survived the Great Fire of London in 1666.
GHOST IN THE DOORWAY - We noticed that in the doorway of a building just south of the arena was a man in a dark suit with his leg bent, leaning against a wall. When we looked again a second later, he was gone!

RETURNED NEXT DAY: BAD ENERGY- We wanted to get inside the hall, so we returned the next day. As we walked in, I (Rob) felt a lot of emotional energy. People who experience emotional events leave energy behind from the experience, like a thumbprint. The energy, however, was anger. What happened next may have been from that... I don't know. All I know is that one of MY teeth chipped and the piece fell out in my hand! Obviously not a good place to be, and whatever was in there wanted us out. At least, that's what I felt!
Guildhall, Roman ampitheater area in front.
- Here's a short video of the inside of Guildhall, so you can see what it looks like. This was right before my tooth chipped!


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