Wednesday, May 23, 2012

ENGLAND TRIP, DAY 1, PART 4: Haunted Pub!

Tom at Lord Moon of the Mall, waiting for a hamburger
The Lord Moon Of The Mall is a small pub located next to Whitehall Theatre and less than a minute's walk from Trafalgar Square. We went there for lunch on our first day and enjoyed a hamburger and hot tea. We learned that you have to go pick out a table, read the number on a top corner of the table, then go up to the bar and order - giving the bartender your table number. You pay the bartender, and they will bring your food to the table (but give you your drinks from the bar). Don't make the mistake of waiting at a table for a waiter or waitress - there are none!

Note the multiple ORBS when I sensed Andrew
This is a photo I took immediately after- No Orbs!
   Once we walked in, I (Rob) got the headache that indicated to me that there was a ghost in the house among the patrons at the bar. I turned around where I sensed the ghost and took a photo of the bar. In one of the photos (I took several at the same time) appeared several orbs (the most simple form a ghost can take! They were orbs and not a reflection, because they had color in them. Although I'm not one to put a lot of stock in orbs, this confirmed what I felt. In addition, the ghost told me his name was Andrew Beregen or Bergen. He said that he owned the establishment in the 1700s. He was dressed in a brown jacket. He also mentioned something about "pigs" but I couldn't quite figure that out. Either the establishment was a bar or a store of some sort where livestock moved through. 

  We returned to the pub another day because the food was so good and took more pictures (the second set of three photos). However, Rob didn't sense any ghost, and no orbs appeared in the photos. 

The Menu for Lord Moon of the Mall

Photo from 2nd visit- no orbs

Photo from 2nd visit: lots of patrons!

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