Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Savannah: Part Six: Ghosts: The Ghost Tour - 2 Haunted Houses

We took a Walking Ghost Tour called the "Sixth Sense Tour" on Friday the 13th- which we thought appropriate! It was 7:30pm and dark, and perfect. I DIDN'T sense any ghosts on the tour, only because the ghosts were in the houses that we walked past. There are some interesting stories though, and here are a couple of them:
MERCER HOUSE - The Mercer House, located at 429 Bull Street, Monterey Square Savannah, Georgia 31401 has a number of ghosts in it. It was designed in 1860 by New York architect John Norris for General Hugh Mercer, the great grandfather of Johnny Mercer. The Mercers never actually lived in this house. It wasn't completed until 1868. General Mercer sold the house unfinished in 1865. (PHOTO: The Balcony of Death)
In 1913, it was the home of a physician, who is said to have been pushed off a balcony where he broke his neck on the sidewalk below. Our tour guide said that the source of the ghost who pushed him is unknown. Whatever it or they are, they caused a lot more unrest.
The home would later be owned by famous antique philanthropist James Williams, who shot his lover, Danny Hansford in the 1970s, and after 4 trials was acquitted. All this was made famous or infamous in the book "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil." When Williams was finally acquitted, he returned home after being in prison 9 years and after only 6 months died in the house of a heart attack at age 59.
After Williams died, a little boy and his friend were playing on the mansion's roof (how they got up there, only they know). The little boy was apparently pushed by the same ghost that killed the doctor in 1913. According to the other boy, he saw the other boy being pushed, but he was frozen and couldn't move as the other boy fell off the roof. That boy was impaled on the fence and died. The broken arrow on the fence still remains today, and the guide told us that people often see the boy running down the sidewalk saying "I need to go home." He didn't show the night we were there.

432 ABERCORN STREET- THE GHOSTLY FACE ON A BUILDING - This was by far the most frightening story and house on our ghost walk. In the 1800s, an Army General named Wilson lived here with his 9 year old daughter. Because the family was "upper class" the little girl was not allowed to associate with school children of lower class, that just happened to play outside of their home. There was a school for lower class children diagonally from the Wilson house, and the kids would go out in the grassy square and play at recess and during the summertime. Wilson's little girl would sit in her 2nd floor bedroom window and beg her father to let her out to play with the other kids. She didn't care about "classes." She was only 9. Her father refused. One day, she ran outside and played anyway. It was a fatal mistake. Her brutally mean father actually tied her up in a chair in her bedroom and faced her toward the window to watch the other kids play. He left her there 2 days... and it was the summertime. Summer in Savannah means 99F with 100 percent humidity. The little girl was dead of heatstroke when her evil father found her, still tied to the chair.

The General was distraught and angry after the girl's death. You can guess he was the type of person that blamed the children for his daughter's death, and not himself. After she was buried, he would sit in her chair staring out at the children. Our tour guide said he died there, too, but as an old man. I gather that he is apparently still angry, and needs forgiveness for killing his daughter before he can move on. Strangely, his face has appeared on the OUTSIDE of the house. In the photo above, his visage is seen to the left of a window on the front of the house. The photo above is a close-up. The Georgia Paranormal Society compared the image to photos of the General and they match. Further, one man tried moving into the house and renovating it. Workers refused to work and some ran out, leaving tools behind (which can be seen in the windows). The man who moved in was pushed down the stairs and into the front doors after he distinctly heard a man's voice say "Get Out." He did and no one has returned in years.

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