Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Quebec City Blog #33: Part 2: Morrin the College & Stairway Ghost?

The Chemistry Lab and original blackboard from 1862
In this blog we'll explain about the Morrin Center on Old Quebec City when it was a College (it was also a jail and now a library). We'll also tell you about our encounter with a Ghostly energy on the stairs leading to one of the classrooms!

MORRIN CENTER THE COLLEGE - Morrin College was old Quebec city’s first English-language institute of higher education. Classes were held from 1862 to 1902 when it was closed. Over that time there were 300 students, which amounted to about 14 per year.

TEACHING ENGLISH - One thing that made Morrin College unique is that in 1868 English was taught in this French-speaking city.
Ghostly energy on the stairway

CHEMISTRY LAB - in this one room that was preserved from the time Morrin was a college, it had the original blackboard, a periodic table from the time, and a collection of old books. The OLDEST BOOK was from 1524! One corner of the lab also had a large wooden box, about the size of an outhouse, where students developed film.
GHOSTLY ENERGY - As you know if you read this blog, we can sense ghosts, spirits, or residual energy from events that happened in the past (it's like an emotional thumbprint that shows up again whenever there are people around to provide emotional energy). It was residual energy that I (Rob) sensed on the stairway going up to the Chemistry room. 

The area where I sensed energy
WHAT HAPPENED?  As I was walking up the staircase I reached the platform on the 2nd floor and suddenly my right leg got weak and buckled! I felt weak, anxious/nervous and sickly and realized that those were the sensations felt by a former prisoner. I don't know who he was - but it was a male prisoner, or what he was in jail for, but I do know that he was scared of going back downstairs to the prison cells in the floor below. 

TODAY'S USE OF ONE COLLEGE ROOM - There was also a ballroom that was used for the college, and that room is now rented out for weddings, parties and concerts. 

NEXT: Morrin the Prison and More Ghosts!

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