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Quebec Blog #36: It's Simply Parlimentary: Some History, too!

We're at the end of the blogs on our trip to Old Quebec City and in this blog we'll take you>through the Parliament Building. There are tours given daily of the building’s interior, and we took one, so we'll share some pictures of the inside here. We'll also share a history timeline, courtesy of Parliament's website. 

WHAT IS THE PARLIAMENT BUILDING? Built in 1886, the Parliament Building is an eight-floor building in Quebec City and home to the Parliament of Quebec, composed of the Lieutenant-Governor and the National Assembly. It's located at 1045 Rue Des Parliamentaires, Québec City, QC G1A 1A3, Canada
One of the two chambers

ARCHITECTURE FACT: It is built in the style of Second Empire architecture in Europe. The building has four separate 
wings to form a square approximately 100 meters on each side. It was inspired by the expansion of the Louvre in Paris, and was designated a Quebec national historic monument in 1985.

The legislative Council Room
TO TAKE A TOUR-  Tours last about 45 minutes. They're free of charge, but you have to go an reserve your spot. You can't just walk in and take a tour... because the groups fill up fast. Tours are in both French and English. You'll learn the history and workings of Québec’s parliamentary institutions and Québec’s history.

For information:

Tom taking a picture of an ornate door
A Snapshot of Quebec History: 

June 10, 1791: The Constitutional Act is given royal assent, thus establishing the Chamber of Assembly of Lower Canada, or House.

May 24, 1792: The writs, or orders, are issued for the first general elections, to be held in June and July. This officially launches the election campaign.

December 17, 1792: Lieutenant-Governor Alured Clarke opens the first Parliament’s first session in the Chapel of the Bishop’s Palace in Québec City.

December 18, 1792: Jean-Antoine Panet, Member for Upper Town Québec City, is elected Speaker by his peers.

January 21, 1793: The language debate begins. Never before had the question of the Government’s official language been raised in the colony.

January 23, 1793: By a vote of 20 to 14, the Assembly passes a resolution giving equal standing to French and English by deeming both official languages of legislation.
Going up to the 2nd floor

A very ornate door
April 19, 1793: The Assembly passes a resolution requesting that all future financial assistance and allowances be the privilege of the House and that all related bills originate with Parliament.

Women in Politics Statue

March 19, 1810: Three outgoing Members, Pierre-Stanislas Bédard (Lower Town Québec City), François Blanchet (Hertford) and Jean-Thomas Taschereau (Dorchester and Leinster), are arrested and accused of subversive practices for their ties to the newspaper Le Canadien.

February 21, 1834: After five days of stormy debate, the Assembly passes the 92 Resolutions (by a vote of 56 to 24).

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