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Quebec City Blog #28: Bus Trip to Montmorency Falls

Nick, Mike and Tom
On May 17 during our trip to Old Quebec City, we took a 4 hour bus trip north of the city to Montmorency Falls. Here you'll see pictures and 2 very short videos we took. 

WHAT ARE THE FALLS? The Montmorency Falls is a large waterfall on the Montmorency River in Quebec, Canada. The falls are located on the boundary between the borough of Beauport, and Boischatel, about 7.2 miles or 12 kilometers from the heart of old Quebec City. 
Tom and Rob

GETTING TO THE TOP - There are staircases that allow visitors to view the falls from several different perspectives. A suspension bridge over the crest of the falls provides access to both sides of the park as well as a view of the Saint Lawrence River where the falls empties into. There is also an aerial tram that carries passengers between the base and the top of the falls. 

Nick and Mike on the falls bridge
shot of the falls

Rob's sketch of the falls walk and house
HOW HIGH, WIDE, DEEP? - The Falls are 276 feet high or 84 meters - about 98 feet or 30 meters higher than Niagara Falls! The falls are about 151 feet or 46 meters wide, the highest in the province of Quebec. At the bottom of the falls, the basin is 56 feet or 17 meters deep.

HOW NAMED? The falls were given this name in 1613 by Samuel de Champlain, founder of Old Quebec City (in 1608). The falls were named in honor of Henri II, duc de Montmorency, who served as viceroy of New France (Canada) from 1620 until 1625.
Rob's sketch of the falls

POP FACTS: POEM AND FILM!  In John Keats' poem "Sleep and Poetry" (1816) human life is "a poor Indian's sleep / While his boat hastens to the monstrous steep / Of Montmorency."  The falls were also the location for a film in 1947 called Whispering City.

The falls basin and St. Lawrence River
 WALKING THE TRAIL - For mid-May, it was unusually warm the day of our excursion. It was about 86 degrees Fahrenheit! (The rest of the trip it was in the 60s). It took about 1 hour to explore the region and walk to the top of the falls. We also walked over the suspension bridge over the falls. Fortunately, it was solidly constructed.

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VIDEO #1:Close up of Montmorency Falls, Quebec, Canada

VIDEO #2:View from Bridge Over the Montmorency Falls, Canada

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