Sunday, April 16, 2017

This Week's Idiot in Politics: Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley Resigns Over Sex Scandal

The Alabama Governor ... Mug Shot
Here's the latest Idiot of the Week in Politics: Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley.
This is yet another hypocrite who calls himself a "Conservative Christian" (READ: Right wing Christian, not mainstream), and who has pushed "Family Values" and hatred and intolerance against gay people.  Alabama Christians have GOT to be angry they were fooled.

Bottom Line: Karma has a way of catching up with hateful people and hypocrites.

    The NY Times said "As governor, Robert Bentley would quote the Bible before the Alabama Legislature and say that God had elevated him to the State Capitol. In the city where he was a Baptist deacon, he sometimes witnessed to patients." HIS WIFE found out he was having an Affair (because his love messages to his mistress showed up on her iPad). On Aug. 28, 2015, the governor’s wife filed for divorce.   Just READ this disgusting story (from several legit news sources):

Alabama "Conservative Family" Governor Resigns Over Sex Scandal With Top Aide

Story from ; CNN, ABC News, etc. etc.
   Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley managed to hold onto his job for a full year after the state capitol in Montgomery exploded with the news of his romantic relationship with a top aide, but, on Monday, April 10, with allies in the statehouse fleeing and serious criminal charges in the offing, the 74-year-old Republican surrendered—offering his resignation, pleading guilty to two misdemeanor crimes, and vowing never to hold public office again as part of a negotiated plea with the state’s attorney general’s office.

Bentley appears set to avoid jail time for crimes stemming from his attempts to conduct and conceal his apparent affair with Rebekah Mason, a former local TV anchor hired as his aide and 30-years his junior.  The Daily Beast reported:  According to the House committee’s report, Bentley would call Mason “baby” in meetings, and Ray Lewis, the leader of Bentley’s security detail, told the House committee that he had once observed Mason leaving the governor’s office with tousled hair, her outfit disheveled. The governor’s wife began taking screenshots of the governor’s texts with Mason that appeared on her iPad—conversations that eventually became crucial and cringeworthy evidence in the impeachment case against Bentley. The Washington Post reported:
March 23, 2016: A sexually explicit phone call between Bentley and a woman he calls “Rebekah” made its way to the media. The recording was made by his wife, Dianne Bentley!!

In addition, according to ( the [Alabama] Ethics Commission on Wednesday found enough evidence to believe Bentley had committed four felonies, including a violation of the ethics act and three violations of the Fair Campaign Practices Act.

Bentley’s resignation brings to a close the last chapter of his governorship that was full of tawdry twists and turns. After a full career as a doctor, Bentley didn’t hold public office until the age of 60. The former dermatologist won a seat in the statehouse in 2003 before running for governor in 2010.

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