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Police Officer Makes Huge Difference in a Young Man's Life (who walked 5 hours to work)

18-year-old Jourdan Duncan gets a helping hand
Here's a great story about a police officer in California who went above and beyond to help an 18 year old man named Jourdan with an Amazing work ethic. Reading Jourdan's story will make you think twice before you complain about your commute, but it will also show you just another way that police all over the country help people (as they do every second of every day). 

Police Officer Makes Huge Difference in a Young Man's Life
By Inspire by Cailyn Finkel 2/28/2017 

       When a Benicia, California Police Department officer spotted a young man walking through the city in the middle of the night, his first instinct was to stop him and see why he was out and about at such a late hour. But when Corporal Kirk Keffer found out why 18-year-old Jourdan Duncan was walking in the dark, his heart sank....

Jourdan explained to Corporal Keffer that he had just finished his shift at a packaging plant and was making his nightly walk home. After digging a little deeper, Corporal Keffer discovered that Jourdan spent over five hours walking to work and back each day!

Despite the unthinkable distance, Jourdan told Yahoo News he didn't mind his daily walk.
"I had to start saving up little by little.... It's a pretty peaceful walk. I just put in my headphones, play my music."
Corporal Keffer and Jourdan continued to talk and discuss why the young man traveled to a job that was so far away.  With a smile on his face, Jourdan explained the officer that he was saving up for college, helping his family with the bills and whatever money was left went towards buying a car! This smart young man clearly had his priorities straight and Corporal Keffer wanted to reward him for that, telling Yahoo News:
"People use [a long commute] as an obstacle not to work. I wanted to make sure that he understood a good work ethic and dedication like that is going to be noticed and rewarded."
So, Corporal Keffer approached a local bike shop and told them about Jourdan's situation - without hesitation, the shop donated a bike to the young man! His grueling five-hour commute was cut down to 50 minutes each way.
Not only did Corporal Keffer find Jourdan a bike, but he also set up a GoFundMe page to help raise money for a car even faster!

Jourdan told Yahoo News how much Corporal Keffer changed his life:
"He helped make my life easier. [Police officers] care about their community, they care about their people and they care to help us."
Inspired by the way the department came together to help him, Jourdan decided to pursue a career as a California Highway Patrol Officer! He plans on applying to the department after receiving his college degree.
Jourdan explained to Yahoo News that he just wants to help others like the kind officers did for him:
"They're setting an example of what a good community is. I thought maybe that could be me - maybe I can have a change in our society and change in the community."
With just a few selfless acts, Corporal Keffer and his fellow officers inspired a young man to make the most out of his life!

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