Friday, April 21, 2017

England Politics 101: What is a "Snap Election"?

We love the United Kingdom and are fascinated with their history, people, culture, television shows, landmarks and politics. So when the Brexit happened we wondered how they would go about it. Well, one thing they're doing is a "snap election." This blog (thanks to the Huffington Post) will tell you what that means.
 What is a snap election?

British general elections are held every five years under the Fixed Term Parliament Act. Former Tory leader David Cameron won the 2015 election, so the next U.K. vote was scheduled for 2020. However, the majority party can seek to call an early (or “snap”) election, should they choose.  

Why has Theresa May called it?

The snap election is almost entirely about domestic politics. May, formerly home secretary in the British government, was not elected prime minister, nor was she elected leader of the Conservatives. Her party elevated her to that position in the turbulent days of June 2016, after Cameron resigned following his defeat in the Brexit referendum. All of May’s rivals for the top job dropped out, so she became PM.  As such, May is trying to push through the U.K.’s exit from Europe ― the biggest political shift in British national identity in decades ― in the absence of a political mandate of her own.
Winning the snap election would not only solidify May’s position as Tory leader, but would allow her to claim that the public has backed her plan for how to extract Britain from the European Union.

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