Thursday, March 31, 2016

Rob's Movie Review: Batman Vs. Superman (no spoilers) GO SEE IT

We saw "Batman Vs. Superman" on Sunday, and although I really liked it,  Tom not so much. But- GO SEE IT! It's really a classic. Comic book readers will appreciate a lot of things in this film.
BTW- There really are no spoilers on this blog since I'm going to address some things you've seen in the trailers.

Know Before you go (and you SHOULD see it):  Tom didn't realize that the opening sequence where Bruce Wayne was driving actually took place in Metropolis during the end of the "Man of Steel" movie. Bruce saw Superman fighting Zod and creating a lot of destruction in the city. Because Tom thought it was new destruction (which I don't like either) it immediately turned him off to the movie. However, I realized it was a scene from "Man of Steel" when I saw the footage and the Kryptonian space ship in the air. This is really an important point to know.

Acting: Tom and I both agree that the acting from ALL actors was incredible.
- Ben Affleck's Batman- As a huge Batman fan, I can honestly say that he nailed the character in both Bruce Wayne and Batman characters. He was outstanding and convincing. He's a better Batman than all other actors. (Even Jeremy Irons was the perfect Alfred).
 - Henry Cavill's Superman - As in Man of Steel, he's the perfect Superman. Commanding, powerful, tender, thoughtful, handsome.
- Gail Gadot's Wonder Woman - A great add to the film, and I like the way she was found out. Her appearance was a highlight and you want to know more. 
- Luthor and Lois Lane - Outstanding acting by Jesse Eisenberg and Amy Adams.  Luthor was revealed to be the super evil genius and manipulator he is in the comics. Although Batman had already questioned Superman's unchecked power, Luthor built on that paranoia leading to the confrontation. 

True to the Comics: I've been reading comics since 1972, and Tom doesn't read them. Since the movie really followed the comics to a point- That's what made it more enjoyable to me. 
 In the comics when Batman first met Superman, the did fight for the SAME reason. Batman thought Superman a threat with unchecked power. Further if you know the Superman Doomsday story line, you can guess the end of the movie...(and it will remind you of the end of the 2nd Star Wars Film)  SO, they followed the comics, and THAT'S what comics fans like.
One change from the comics I did like: The new origin of Doomsday.

What didn't I like?  Without spoiling anything, Bruce's and Clark's individual dream sequences were awful and were totally unnecessary. And the Batman v. Superman actual fight went on too long.

BOTTOM LINE: Go see it. I give it 4 out of 5 Stars. Take it from a Batman and Superman comics fan since 1972. 

Side note:  DO NOT pay attention to bad reviews. I really wonder what in the critics to like aside from stupid artsy films.  I read an awful review of the film on, and was disgusted by the nitpicky attitude of the reviewer. SO, here's what I wrote them: 
   This was the most nitpicky review of a film I've ever read. Yes, you made a couple of good points- like the two dream sequences that were not necessary and non-sensical for that matter. However, anyone that knows anything about comics knows that Luthor is a manipulator. The creation of Doomsday was MUCH more believable than the way it happened in the comics- where a creature just happens to be rocketed from Krypton. 
  *This critic even attacks the use of the Daily Planet- When even Perry White said no one is buying newspapers, it's on-line. The world still have newspapers last time I checked, whether paper or on-line. I could go on, but I won't. 
  I've been a comics fan since 1972 and they stayed close to comic lore as they should. - If you want to pan a superhero film, go pan Avengers 2 which was boring and awful. At least there was emotion, great acting, and an interesting plot line here. There was none of that in Avengers 2. 

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