Friday, April 1, 2016

Discrimination Now the Law in Southern U.S. States who passed "Religious Freedom" Bills

Seems like the Bible Belt states are preaching hatred and intolerance of gay people and now their legislators are making it the LAW. Southern Lawmakers have declared an all out hate-fest against gay people through laws legalizing discrimination. It's TRUE.   North Carolina has now made it LEGAL to discriminate against gay people. AND Mississippi is about to sign an even WORSE bill that would even prevent gay people from even eating at a restaurant, getting a hotel, or any other service. Georgia's law was just vetoed (under a LOT of Financial pressure by companies).
    As someone who believes that everyone has the same rights, and has the freedom (that's what the U.S. is founded on) to practice or not practice a religion, we're disgusted and outraged that Republican state legislators who represent Conservative Christians (NOT all Christians) who have a majority in ALL of these Southern state legislatures - continue to create and pass "Religious Freedom" legislation. BTW- no Democrat has ever supported this legislative bigotry.

Here's a priest who KNOWS what Jesus taught

   These bills serve no purpose other than to promote discrimination against all people who are not of the christian faith (like muslims, buddists, jews, Hindus, etc.) and gay people, but incite violence like the Christian man in Atlanta who just burned 2 gay men earlier this month. 

   Another man in Atlanta who was interviewed on CBS news said that he and his wife want to open and adoption agency that only caters to Christians. Totally not understanding how it is discriminatory against everyone else. If he wants to promote his religion he can open a church, not a business that provides services to the general public. 

NORTH CAROLINA SIGNS BILL THAT BLOCKS THE PROTECTION OF LGBT COMMUNITY "North Carolina’s General Assembly voted Wednesday, March 23, 2016 to block cities and counties from passing protections against LGBT discrimination in a wide-ranging bill." STORY:

Christians have freedom to practice their religion in their church and in their home. No one else should be subjected to it. Once their beliefs affect those of others, they are violating other's rights. 

THE BACKLASH AS OF MARCH 30TH: It's great to see people FINALLY standing up against Right-Wing religious bullies and bigots. Here's how people have been taking a stand against North Carolina:
MAYORS, CITIES STAND UP TO ANTI-LGBT LAW IN NORTH CAROLINA "The governor of New York, and the mayors of New York City and Seattle, announced on Monday that their state and cities would be joining San Francisco in adopting a ban on publicly-funded employee travel to North Carolina in protest of the state’s new law barring localities for passing laws to protect LGBT rights." And 80 prominent business leaders have also joined the fight

MISSISSIPPI JOINS THE HATE STATES -  BREAKING: By 31-17 Vote Mississippi Senate Approves Sweeping Anti-LGBT License To Discriminate Bill

The Mississippi Senate voted 31-17 along party lines to approve a sweeping bill that legalizes anti-LGBT discrimination in housing, employment, and public accommodations. The bill’s chief Senate sponsor, Sen. Jenifer Branning, faced some tough questioning, most of all from black Democrats, but the haters once again simply outnumbered the good guys.  The bill now goes back to the state House for concurrence on a Senate change which grants the state immunity on lawsuits related to the bill. If reapproved in the House, it then goes to the desk of anti-LGBT Republican Gov. Phil Bryant.

   We were pleased to see that big companies and even sport franchises are standing up against legislated bigotry. This kind of bill failed in Arizona when the Superbowl threatened to pull out. Another is currently stalled in Tennessee because companies are outraged and are threatening to financially affect the state.  
BOTTOM LINE: Companies have to hit these conservative bigots where it hurts: In their Wallet. That's the only way to teach them acceptance. How sad.
   Its appalling that that these conservative Christians can't do the right thing and love everyojne and accept everyone as Jesus instructed them to do, so they have to get the message that discrimination is wrong through financial penalities. WHY do we have to keep teaching conservative Christians how to welcome everyone?
Fortunately, the Republican Governor of Georgia didn't sign it. But, WHY did he have to be threatened financially to do the right thing and fight bigotry?  It's SAD. 
Example of companies teaching Georgian Republicans and Conservative Christians how to be more accepting of others: Disney, Marvel to Boycott Georgia if Religious Liberty Bill Is Passed

The Walt Disney Co. and Marvel Studios indicated opposition to a Georgia religious liberty bill pending before Gov. Nathan Deal, saying that they will take their business elsewhere “should any legislation allowing discriminatory practices be signed into state law.”STORY

IN NORTH CAROLINA- Businesses are Also Furious at the GOP Governor and Legislature for Passing the Hate Bill:
  • PayPal, Dow Chemical, the NBA, the NCAA, Google and other businesses oppose North Carolina’s new anti-LGBT law.
  • The law effectively legalizes discrimination against lesbian, gay, transgender and bisexual people.
  • Some of the state’s biggest businesses have yet to speak up.
Companies are taking a stand against North Carolina’s new anti-LGBT law, which Gov. Pat McCrory (R) signed on Wednesday. STORY:

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