Monday, January 25, 2016

Educational Video (17 mins.) Sec. Clinton diff from Bernie Sanders (Rachel Maddow Interviews)

   Since the candidates on the republican side all want to take people back to the 1950s, build walls along our borders, invalidate marriages, abolish the IRS without knowing how to collect taxes, lift pollution controls, remove 14 million off of health care (with no plan), allow everyone to open-carry firearms into schools, churches, restaurants, and stores, "carpet bomb" the middle east into oblivion, hate everyone that's not a white Christian, give tax breaks to the wealthy and cut social programs like Medicare, etc.  ....the sane choice is from the democratic candidates. 
   So, for the educated readers, here's a 17 minute interview that explains the difference between the 2 leading democratic candidates: Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Sanders.              
  Both are good candidates, but there are differences. We would support either of them, although I (Rob) think that she has much more experience with 1) Foreign relations (and our relations with other countries) and 2) How the White House works with Congress. I also prefer her stance on gun control and health care over Mr. Sanders. Of course, Mr. Sanders wants free college tuition- and that's why younger adults are supporting him, but he doesn't explain how he's going to pay for it. Rob

Clinton draws distinction from Sanders

Hillary Clinton, Democratic front-runner for the presidential nomination, talks with Rachel Maddow about the recent U.S. confrontation with Iran, the disaster with the Flint, Michigan water supply, and the her approach to health care that distinguishes her from Bernie Sanders. Duration: 17:12


   Clinton said that Democrats face a choice. They can defend and bolster the Affordable Care Act, or they can try and replace it altogether with the kind of scheme that Sanders envisions. But the latter is highly unrealistic politically, Clinton noted. In the past, efforts to pass much milder reforms have repeatedly failed -- usually because the healthcare industry has so much lobbying power and/or because many Americans are instinctively skeptical of government.
    Another problem with the Sanders approach, Clinton explained, is that Obamacare remains politically vulnerable. The Republican Congress has already voted to repeal the law, Clinton noted. If a Republican wins the presidency, repeal could really happen. In such an environment, she said, Democrats should be shoring up the program -- and not undermining its political support by diverting energies elsewhere.
    Sanders responded by pointing to the real shortcomings of the Affordable Care Act -- the fact that 10 percent of the country remains uninsured and that even some people with coverage don’t have enough financial protection. And while he acknowledged the political difficulty of passing single-payer, he said that comprehensive campaign finance reform would reduce the power of special interests -- although ambitious campaign finance reform might be as difficult to pass as ambitious health care reform.
In the end, viewers got a pretty good sense of where the two candidates stand on health care -- and how they differ.
   Both are longtime and passionate advocates for universal coverage. Their dispute is how to get there.  Sanders wants to get there by replacing existing arrangements, including Obamacare, with a single-payer plan. Clinton would move incrementally, building on Obamacare rather than replacing it, because she believes anything more ambitious is bound to fail -- and might even backfire.
(I (Rob), tend to agree with Secretary Clinton. To destroy one and try and replace it with something more abitious would be dangerous, since most Republicans didn't even want AFA).

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