Monday, November 9, 2015

A Personal Note about Facebook Housecleaning, Extremists, Welcoming All

There is less than a year until the next election and unfortunately, it's bound to get ugly since the conservatives are extremists this year and stand against every fiber of what and who we are. We are liberal democrats who believe EVERYONE of every race, color, creed, sexuality should have the same rights as everyone else. Conservatives do not believe that. 
SO, if there are any of you who are connected to us via social media, and are right-wing conservative, feel free to disconnect.

HERE'S WHY-  No disrespect, but ALL candidates running in the conservative party are extremists this election and stand for the same bad  things.
WHAT BAD THINGS? - They have again called for the removal of all legal protections of gay citizens including again trying to invalidate our marriage. Mr. Carson for example told Wolf Blitzer on CNN during the week of Oct. 26 "there's no room for gays in the Constitution" - I HEARD it myself - live on television.
  Conservatives  stand against Science (and I'm a scientist). They stand against Education and believe their bible is a factual source of education. Some candidates said they want to arm ALL teachers (including kindergarten teachers) with guns (we don't have an issue with guns as long as there are mental health checks make it somehow more difficult for crazies to get). They want to cut social security and medicare that our disabled and elderly rely on.  They want to dissolve "Obamacare" and take away health care from over 16.4 million people who finally have it- and health insurance coverage from people who were previously denied coverage for pre-existing conditions; and remove health care coverage from college students through their parents.
WE EDUCATED OURSELVES ON EVERYONE'S POSITIONS - We have read the websites for ALL of the conservative candidates and educated ourselves on where they stand. We thought the Ohio governor may be a moderate, but after checking his website, he's like all of the others. They are dangerous because they cater to religious fanatics and people with a lot of money, or they throw "We'll help you keep your guns" and "we want to run the country with Jesus" and they get the poor and uneducated people to vote for them.
Small minded?

SO, ARE DEMS PERFECT?  -  Of course not. No politician is perfect.  But at least they're all-inclusive and welcome ALL people.   
SPECIAL NOTE: If we read one more IDIOT post some slam against Mrs. Clinton, we will disconnect from you. She's gone through  the mill with made up crap from the Republican Party and has been proven clear of everything. Three Republicans even admitted Benghazi was a sham to affect her poll numbers. If you bring up the Email stupidity - go check with Colin Powell and Condelzza Rice because they ALSO used personal email and servers. Powell admitted it and said it was no big deal. 

So, there you have it. 
BOTTOM LINE: If you don't believe EVERYONE of every race, color, creed, sexuality should have the same rights as everyone else, then PLEASE DISCONNECT from us. We're too old to deal with small minded, bigoted people.

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