Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Washington Post: New Senate could mean rocky road for federal employees

Well, it looks like an Federal Worker is now facing MORE hardships thanks to the new Republican controlled Senate and House. According to this article in Sunday's Washington Post - benefits will be cut, retirement age put off, wiping out all federal job openings and MORE pay freezes are now on  the agenda. This is all NOT GOOD.   One of our friends who is a federal employee has her sights on retiring next year, but the new GOP proposal will not let anyone retire before age 65.
    Now, thanks to this past election, she'll have to work quite a few more years.  **So, Thanks, America, for electing these people who have ZERO respect for federal employees.  
      Just keep quiet when the government shuts down again, when you can't get a travel Visa, visit the Grand Canyon, when they strip the EPA of regulations and you can't drink clean water, breathe clean air. Watch fish prices soar when fishing isn't regulated and stocks are rapidly depleted, food not inspected, see Interstates wear down and not be repaired, weather forecasts be affected, social security checks slow to a crawl... that's just a bit of what will happen without funding government.  
     Here's the article:

Republican-controlled Senate could mean rocky road for federal employees

The Republican victory in the Senate changes the political landscape more for the federal workforce than most Americans. The terrain for federal employees could prove rocky, not that it had been so smooth before.
The party’s impressive set of victories Tuesday now will give it full control of Capitol Hill. Congress rules over the working and living conditions of Uncle Sam’s staff to a far deeper degree than any other sector.
     With a GOP-controlled Senate, federal employees should expect a Congress more willing to pick their pocketbooks by requiring them to contribute more toward their retirement. The House Republican spending plan, authored by House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan (R-Wis.), would make workers pay 5.5 percentage points more of their salary toward retirement.  
  Here's the rest of the bad news:

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