Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Another Dog Rescue: Bringing JJ Home

We got a call from Coast-to-Coast Dachshund Rescue last Friday that a mini-dachshund was being transported north from his foster mom, Melinda in Georgia, up to Virginia where he was going to have to wait awhile until a home visit could be done for his potential adopting family north of Baltimore.  - Well, Tom and I wanted to make that happen more quickly, so we volunteered to make it happen.
Tom and JJ
JJ loves hiding under blankets
  Although I was in Boston Saturday and Sunday helping to clear out my mom's house, I text messaged, called and emailed with different coordinators to set up the hand-off with Tom on Sunday, February 23 during the afternoon.  Tom met Katie from Virginia and picked up little JJ. 
  Tom then raced to the airport later that day to pick me (Rob) up, with JJ and our three dogs in the pick-up truck. JJ sat in my lap in the passenger side of the truck, all the way home.
Tyler (right) crawled into bed with JJ
   Little "JJ" is about 8 pounds, tiny, about 4 1/2 years old, brown in color, and has flipped over ears that look a little more like "wings." He also has no teeth. They were all removed because they were apparently infected. JJ is also house trained, loves to hide under blankets and be held. We learned all that in 18 hours that we had him.
Rob and JJ
JJ looking for a soft treat (he has no teeth!)
   The next task was getting the Home Visit done in north Baltimore, and not making the adopting family wait any longer. So, after getting the paperwork emailed to me (and Tom organized it for me) I was able to get 3 hours off of work Monday afternoon and drive up (it took 2 hours to get there in traffic) and meet Mikey, her two children and her 2 cats (her hubby was still at work). I introduced them to JJ, and they, like us, immediately fell in love with the little guy.
JJ with his new family!
   I did the home inspection, filled out the adoption paperwork, and took care of other business. I left with a lump in my throat and a tear in my eye because I got so attached in a short time-  but I know JJ is in a perfect home!!
   This coordination took a number of people: Tom (transporting), foster mom Melinda, Katie (transport/paperwork), Shelley (took in application), Donna (coordinated paperwork) and me- all for little JJ, and it was so worth it. 
   FIRST NIGHT UPDATE!  - What a wonderful treat to receive an email from Mikey and her family first thing the next morning (today) that said: JJ had a great first night. Slept right next to our daughter all night and our son slept in her room as well. He seems very at home. Thanks for bringing him to us. Hopefully the cats will love him soon ;)

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Tom and Rob Thinking Hard!

Tom and Rob Thinking Hard!
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