Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Amazing and Sadly Controversial Coke Commercial

  Today's Blog is a posting by our nephew Matt. He wrote about how some people who believe only in old ways (whom I call conservatives - and I do NOT mean a political party) were incensed over the superbowl Coke commercial that featured Americans of different heritage singing "America the Beautiful" (it's not like it's the National Anthem- the Star Spangled Banner) in their native language. Like Matthew, we understand that the U.S. is full of different cultures, peoples, and beliefs, and its that which makes this country special. Everyone needs to be accepted. That's why I liked the commercial. In fact, it gave me chills to see that so many peoples in our great country were recognized and made to truly feel part of our Nation. That's the way it SHOULD BE.  The commercial is at the bottom of this posting- Rob
   THE SAD REACTION TO THE SPOT: From the NY Daily News:
Coca Cola's 'America the Beautiful' Super Bowl commercial angers conservative pundits

Glenn Beck and Fox News pundits are among those outraged by patriotic standard sung in seven languages.  Read more:

     America should no longer pride itself on being the "melting pot" if people can't even see the beauty in the Coke advertisement. We weren't given that name for no reason. We were given that name because of who we are. What is the requirement to be an American? Does one have to speak English? If that is a requirement, I suggest people start speaking it better. Are you required to have a specific heritage? The great thing about this country is the diversity. The wonderful cultures we have right here. It's amazing that places like China Town, and Little Italy are able to exist. America has no official language, and therefore, you cannot be required to speak that language. Yes, it is important to know English here, but it is also great that we can hear so many other languages from around the world. We don't put enough emphasis on learning multiple languages in this country. We are so closed minded thinking our way is the right way. We need to broaden our scope and see things in a new light. We need to accept change, and embrace it. The ad also had a same-sex couple in it. Great for Coke! Clearly, the people who created the ad see the changing perspective on same-sex couples, and realize it is time to stop alienating same-sex marriages and same-sex parents. America, it's time to grow and change with the ever changing world. Other countries in Europe are leaps and bounds ahead of us. I think it is time we caught up.

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