Friday, February 28, 2014

An Amazing Meditation, Reiki and Session of Messages from Spirits

On February 18, some members of Inspired Ghost Tracking and a few others gathered at the home of Reiki master Nancy Turner for meditation and Reiki. Nancy is an amazing, talented sensitive who enabled me and others to get in touch with their spirit guides and taught us how to best meditate.
   My friend and protege (I like to think of him that way) Kyle is an amazing developing medium, who has healing powers, and has even learned astral projection (something I couldn't even begin to do). Mary identified him as a former Shaman and he understood (as did I). He came on his first ghost investigation with me and my partner, and we confirmed each other all the way through the house with various ghosts who linger there. Kyle came to meditation on the 18th, and found it extremely beneficial, too.
  Mary Peck, another Reiki master who understands crystals and stones, was also present. She is extremely knowledgeable in the healing properties of all of them.
Cindy, Laurie, Rob (me), Kyle (back), Mary, Amy doing Reiki on me
REIKI SESSION - At the end of the session, Nancy asked if there were anything else to address and I mentioned strong muscle tension in my neck and shoulder. I've had it for 2 months and only acupuncture had helped lessen the tension.  Immediately Mary and Nancy went to work with Reiki (transferring energy) and healing my neck and shoulder. The tension actually melted away.
During the session Nancy got great messages from my mom (who passed on Dec. 29). Nancy said that my mom was in the room, and said that I liked to take people under my wing and help them along. Of course, Kyle is one of those people. It was really special to get messages from my mom (I sensed she was sitting on a chair next to me, and she told me "So, this is what it's like to go to one of these meditations.").
  While I was meditating I also got some messages. One of them was very strong and turned out to be a relative of one of the people there. The spirit that came through gave me "Marj or Marg." She also said that there's a Jeff or Jeffrey that's either on the other side or still living that is connected (it's the spirit's son as it turns out). The spirit then showed me an arched church window and said that she was somewhat religious. Then she said, "When I died, there was no Jesus or saints around to greet me, dammit. Only my relatives were there!"  That clinched it for the person in the room! She said that was her personality.
  I also kept seeing the face of  a horse, and a Native American - with a red feather. Nancy said that's her Native American spirit that visits a lot.
  Over all, it was an interesting night, filled with meditations, finding our peaceful places in our minds, geting messages and Reiki healing. These are things that you can do yourself, too. Just find time to meditate, light candles, play soft, relaxing music (Pandora has a relaxation channel) and meditate!

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