Thursday, April 18, 2013

Wow- A Young Woman's Response to Someone About Equality

On March 26 people who supported marriage equality made this their FB photo
  On March 26, a good number of people who supported marriage equality posted a red square with an Equal sign in it as their "photo" on Facebook. Recently, facebook issued a map showing the number of the population on FB who did in a map of the U.S. The darker the shade, the more red Facbeook symbols.  Look at the graph below of the U.S. - the U.S. South appears very pale (i.e., not much equality going on there).
  I (Rob) happened to come across a GREAT response from a young woman who is apparently very knowledgeable about Christianity, and used that in her response from someone who claimed to be a Christian and was against gay marriage. The response from this young woman is so incredible I had to share it.

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  • Bob Tilden Someone posted a comment on my daughters FB page stating their belief that God doesn't support Gay lifestyles. Here's my daughter's response...
    "First of all, the reason I support gay marriage has nothing to do with religion. Absolutely nothing. In fac
    t, I am not a religious person at all. I am a person who values the idea of equal rights for ALL people regardless of religion, race, gender, and sexuality.
    Second, since you repeatedly insist on forcing your Christian beliefs on those around you, I would be more that happy to share a religious Christian-based perspective on the subject of gay marriage. After all, I’ve studied Christianity in school, and I’ve read the Bible cover-to-cover. As a Christian, you are a person who adheres to Christianity, a religion based on the life and teachings of Jesus of Nazareth as recorded in the Canonical gospels and the letters of the New Testament.
    Please point me to the passage where Jesus rules on homosexuality – a quote from Jesus, not a quote from the Old Testament, the letters of his disciples, or the rest of the canon. As far as I remember, he’s rather tight-lipped on the subject. I’d say that means it wasn’t exactly a priority. The Old Testament is full of “laws” which no Christian would endorse today, and many of which Jesus explicitly breaks (the blind man of Bethsaida and the Sabbath). I asked for one passage from a Gospel, attributable to Jesus himself, in which he explicitly condemns homosexuality. You wont find one.

    What you will find is Jesus, time and time again, EXPLICITLY – not in some vague, shrouded metaphor or heavily interpreted quote – condemning hate, bigotry, judgementalism, and those who are so naïve or full of hubris as to seriously believe they know God’s will beyond a shadow of a doubt. Jesus’s priority is clear – don’t be assholes. It’s clearly not “oh, by the way, do whatever the hell you can to stop gays from getting married.”

    Funny how you can’t imagine being wrong.
    The church has been wrong on many fronts in the past, and will be wrong in the future. It is a human institution, and will always be fallible. We should never stop thinking, never stop praying, and never stop asking ourselves if what we’re doing is as Christ would do – even when the church says otherwise.
    Jesus loved the blind, he loved the poor, he loved the lepers, and showed tolerance of all groups that contemporary religious leaders overlooked. In fact, the people who bore the brunt of his condemnation were THOSE WHO JUDGED OTHERS – the Pharisees, the Sadducees, the scribes, the elders. He was, if you will, an anti-institution activist. He was for the common man, and preached a message of getting back to basics - those basics being love, peace, tolerance, prayer, and generally not being a dick to other people.
    That’s why I’d imagine the big man upstairs would be far more insulted by the hatred, bigotry, and lack of tolerance we’re displaying toward our fellow men than by the “sin” they’re exercising. He said do not judge lest we be judged ourselves, and that’s exactly what you and like-minded individuals are doing. You clearly believe homosexuality is a sin. But do you also believe choosing to be hateful or bigoted is sinful? I sure to – especially considering how unapologetic such sinners tend to be. Once again, Jesus’ message above all, was unquestionably LOVE and TOLERANCE. That is the one line summary of the man and his Gospel. And if that’s something the church can’t get behind, it’s high time it stopped calling itself a Christian church.

    So let the gays, lesbians, transsexuals, and the like choose as they like, do as they like, love as they like, and receive EQUAL government benefits and protections under the law as they like.
    NOBODY’S TRYING TO MAKE THE CHURCH RECOGNIZE GAY MARRIAGE – we’re just trying to protect them EQUALLY under civil law.

    LOVE, Hannah

    And if you insist on taking all of the bible seriously, I suggest you re-read Timothy 2:11 “I permit no woman to teach or have authority over men; she is to keep silent.”
    I really think he’s speaking to you with that one ☺

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