Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Tom's Architecture Pick of the Month: The Providence Chapel in Wiltshire

Tom is an architect and has a great appreciation for great designs inside and out. He picked this one as a favorite this month. 

TOM SAID: "How cool is this?  In Wiltshire, England, a chapel re-purposed to be a private residence. Tastefully done and well executed. The bathroom and home office are located in an addition off the back. Really nice how the architect chose to pain...t out the addition, all in black, to make it recede and not take the viewer's attention away from the simple proportions and elegance of the original stone structure."

Divine Intervention: The Providence Chapel in Wiltshire

More photos: http://remodelista.com/posts/divine-intervention-the-providence-chapel-in-wiltshire
One of our favorite houses ever? London theater designer Niki Turner's Providence Chapel conversion in the picturesque village of Colerne near Bath. Niki just emailed us to let us know that she and her family are making a move to Stroud, and the house is on the market. “It’s a wonderful family home," says Niki, "and great for entertaining—it’s a wrench to have to leave." Read on to learn more about the project:
"Jonathan is a pioneer of sustainable architecture," Niki says. "He chose to clad the addition in stained larch and embrace the walled garden on all sides with generous windows and sliding doors."
"We converted Providence Chapel, which was a semi-derelict, Grade II-listed 1867 structure when we bought it, into a home ten years ago, working with architect Jonathan Tuckey," Niki says. “When we first walked into the main space, we immediately fell in love with its stillness, warmth and calm, and wanted to retain that. Jonathan added an award-winning extension to accommodate our three children and an au pair. He describes the extension as 'complementing, not competing with, the scale and status of the chapel itself.' "
To see the property listing, go to Knight Frank.
Photos by James Brittain and Dirk Lindner.

Above: "Jonathan is a pioneer of sustainable architecture," Niki says. "He chose to clad the addition in stained larch and embrace the walled garden on all sides with generous windows and sliding doors."
The chapel's facade; the addition is not visible from the street.

A glass-walled connecting hallway serves as a study and play area; Alf Coles, a philosophy teacher and Niki's partner, uses a former schoolroom as an office.

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