Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Rob's Appearance at the Kensington Book Festival / Car Trouble!

Rob's table at the book festival
On Sunday, April 21, I (Rob) took part in the Kensington Book Festival in Maryland. I paid for a space and set up my table to meet people, sell and sign my books. As with every event, there's much more than just signing books... there are stories and encounters from others who want to share their stories or ask for help.
  Tom drove me over and dropped me off, so I didn't have to deal with parking, and I was so grateful. It was crazy enough trying to find the place to set up and get organized. What a great hubby, I have. :)
Diane brings Rob smiles on that cold day
    The day was unseasonably cold with temperatures in the upper 30s in the morning and only in the low-mid 50s for a couple of hours in the afternoon, despite the sunshine. The wind chill made it feel like it was in the 40s most of the day. Although chilly it was sunny and I got a good sunburn on my face and neck.
  Our friend Diane brought her husband Mark to the event, so I was finally able to meet him (after knowing her a couple of years!). We know Diane through Inspired Ghost Tracking, the group we belong to that investigates historic places and private homes. Diane is so sweet - she heard a college student talking to me about her experiences and came over to me and bought a book for the student (who didn't seem to have the money for it). What an amazing gesture of kindness.  It was great to meet Mark, too, who doesn't come to the ghost group meetings - he's warm, funny, and like a big ole teddy bear. He's from Scotland, too, so he has that great scottish accent. :) They made my day.
Mark and Rob
  People that came to my table had encounters with Earth-bound ghosts, or spirits of loved ones they lost and received signs from. Three teenage girls told me they used a ouija board, and then things started to happen in their home- which I told them is no surprise. It opens a doorway and anything can come in. I gave them a card for Inspired Ghost Tracking, and have a feeling that I'll be visiting their house with the group to clear it. Don't ever use Ouija boards!  - Another person told me that weird things are going on in their business and causing some employees to quit. Still others mentioned that spirits of their loved ones have visited. It was fascinating to talk with everyone. That's the best part.
  Some wanted to get messages from their loved ones from learned mediums so I gave them business cards of my friends and great mediums Barb Mallon and Ruth Larkin. 
View from Rob's Table
  As for book sales, well, in 6 1/2 hours, I made just enough to pay for the space I rented at the festival - all of the authors had a similar experience. Perhaps it was the cold.. Regardless, the bottom line is that it's about educating the public that there's more than just this life - and if I can give people hope then I've done what I needed to do.

Tom loaded up all four of our dogs in the pick up truck's cab and drove to the festival to pick me up. He parked in a lot near the festival and turned off the truck. When I arrived and loaded the truck, it wouldn't turn over!
Testing the battery
Tom and the mechanic
That's always been one of my biggest fears- having all of the dogs and a car or truck that wouldn't start. I called AAA (I can't recommend a membership enough) and explained the problem. The rep on the phone said it sounded like a bad battery, so she requested a battery mechanic. In about 20 minutes the  mechanic arrived and tested the battery. It had a very low charge, and was fading. Fortunately, he had a replacement, and installed it, checked it, and we were on our way. BTW- It's always nice to tip these guys. This guy came out on a Sunday evening at 5:30pm. I'm so thankful for AAA!!

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Tom and Rob Thinking Hard!
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