Friday, September 14, 2012

MAINE TRIP: Day 3: Part 2: Boston: Omni Parker Hotel and Ghosts

This is the most famous hotel in Boston. I remember walking by it often when I worked downtown.  The Omni Parker House Hotel is America's longest continuously operating luxury hotel and is located along the historic Freedom Trail adjacent to Beacon Hill.

Anyone that comes from Boston would remember "Parker House Rolls" and bread. This hotel is the birthplace of those famous breads.

Parker’s Restaurant serves local specialties including Boston cream pie and the Parker House Roll.
Omni Entrance. Credit: Omni Hotels

OUR GHOSTLY ENCOUNTERS - We managed to get one quick photo of the lobby, but the lights were very bright, so everything came out blurry. That was actually fitting because we both felt that there was so much energy in there from people who passed, that we couldn't get a bead on it. 
Rob did see residual "people" walking through the lobby in late 1800s and early 1900s dress. The lobby was bustling with people, both living and dead. Why? Because whenever people are excited they leave a "thumbprint" of energy in a place that excited them. So, during the 1800s and early 1900s it was a big deal to stay at this hotel, and it was exciting. So, there are lots of residual energies in the lobby that appear as people walking through. I didn't detect an intelligent ghost, but there is one, according to the Omni Hotel's own website!

THE OMNI HOTEL'S FAMOUS GHOST - According to the website, here's the resident ghost of the Boston Hotel:
GHOST OF HARVEY PARKER- I first heard about the ghost of Harvey Parker when I began Working here in 1941,” explained longtime Omni Parker House bellman,  John Brehm, in a 1992 Boston Globe interview. “ They used to say he roamed the halls on the tenth floor annex. There were many stories, but one in particular happened around 1950. An elderly woman guest insisted she saw an apparition outside room 1078. At first it was a misty apparition in the air, then it turned toward her. She said it was a heavy set older man with a black mustache. He just looked at her, then faded away. She came downstairs, a bit jittery, and security went up to the tenth floor. They checked it out, but reported they could find nothing.”
To those who knew Harvey Parker, such sightings --- which have not been reported for two decades now --- could hardly come as a shock. A perfectionist who kept his hands in every detail of his restaurant and hotel operations, he played the ultimate host to ordinary folks and world-famous guests. A host, it would seem, who could never really bring himself to leave.
OMNI'S OTHER GHOSTLY ENCOUNTERS - According to their website: 
Elevators are always called to the third floor (the floor Charles Dickens occupied) without a button being pushed or a guest waiting for the elevator.
A security officer reported that late one evening he saw the shadow of a man on the wall in the Bosworth (oldest) section of the hotel.  When he stepped aside to let the man pass there was no one there.  One thing he later realized was strange was that the shadow was wearing a stovepipe hat.
In a room on the 10th floor, guests have reported the sound of a rocking chair that kept them up all night.  There are no rocking chairs in the hotel.
Bellmen have reported bright “orbs” of light floating down the corridor on the 10th floor then disappearing.
A mother and daughter were spending the night in room 1012. The daughter awoke around daybreak to find a gentleman dressed in period garments of the latter 1800's standing at the end of her bed.  The gentleman sported a large grin as if he was asking, “Are you enjoying your stay? “  When she smiled back the gentleman gracefully disappeared.  The woman was amazed to find the portrait of her nightly visitor hanging in the dining room when she went down for breakfast.  It was the portrait of Harvey Parke

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