Saturday, September 1, 2012

ENGLAND TRIP: Day 9: Part 9:Giving It Back to a Rude American Tourist

There's always going to be an idiot wherever you travel, and we found one in Windsor. But it wasn't an Englishman, The English people don't have a problem with gay couples.  The idiot we encountered was an obese, white, conservative 60-something year old American man on vacation with his wife.
  We decided after touring Windsor and taking a rest back at the B&B, that we would venture back into town for dinner. We walked back up to Windsor Castle and found a pub across the street from the castle, so we went in to get dinner.
  Neither of us was very hungry so we decided to order one burger and chips and split it. We got the order and sat down at a table near a large picture window facing Windsor Castle. It was table with a nice view... except in the direction I (Rob) was sitting. As Tom admired the castle, my view was one of a 60-ish year old couple behind us. It wouldn't have mattered, but the man, who was about 300 pounds and eating a huge ice cream kept looking over at us and scowling.
  Obviously, he hated gay couples. SO, I did what anyone would do. I scowled back!
I noticed that he kept staring at us and not speaking to his wife, and he had the scowl on. After about 5 minutes when I looked up and saw him scowling at us, I shouted "Hello sir!" He looked horrified and apparently embarrassed enough that he didn't look at us again. The idiot.
  Sometimes, you've just got to take on idiots instead of letting them go on. It worked.

BAKERY TIME - Earlier in the day, we skipped lunch for tea and cake. There are a number of bakeries around England, and they're well worth going to in place of lunch.

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