Sunday, September 2, 2012

ENGLAND TRIP: Day 9: Part 10: Holy Haunted Trinity Church!

On our last day in Windsor, England we were walking back from downtown and passing the Holy Trinity Church. I (Rob) suddenly got a headache. It was my usual "ghost-indicating headache."

  I looked over to the front doors of the church and "saw" a priest/pastor standing on the stairs at the front of the church. He appeared to be waving people into the church. The "people" were residual energy and it seemed like a number of ghostly people walking over from the sidewalk we were standing on, to the church on the other side of the street.

  The pastor was an intelligent haunt. I asked his name and he told me "Desmond." He showed me a red or dark colored robe with a white collar around the top of the neck.
  Desmond's ghost also gave me a date- either 1750 or 1850. I couldn't focus on it, but I knew there was a "50" in the date. He told me he still loves the church and likes to stand on the stairs and welcome people.
  We decided to get closer and walked across the street to the front door of the church where I saw Desmond's ghost. That's when the headache intensified. It makes sense that as I got closer to the ghost, the energy that the ghost is made up of would give me more of a "brain overload"/headache. It was like being hit by a power surge.


  After doing a little research I learned that the church was "consecrated" or dedicated in 1842, so "Desmond" must have been telling me that he was there around the year 1850, because the church didn't exist in 1750. I also learned that the church was built for Queen Victoria's soldiers. It sits on part of a "spinner's field" given by James Bedborough, a Windsor builder and prominent citizen.

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