Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Our New 2 Day Foster Dog! Meet Cooper

 We've been working with the Dachshund and Weimaraner rescues for years, and now that Chance the Weimaraner is in the best-ever home with Whitney and Mike, we're turning back to the Dacshund rescue, and just in time.
  On Friday, Sept. 21 we received an email from Melissa, the Coast-to-Coast Dachshund Rescue coordinator, who was desperately looking for a foster home for a dachshund.
  We talked about it for a minute and agreed to take in Cooper. Cooper is a 1 year old dachshund who is a very happy boy, housetrained, and knows some commands (sit, stop). He loves people! He follows us around the house wagging his tail non-stop. He loves going on walks and has a strong prey drive to go after squirrels (just like Franklin and Sprite). Cooper weighs about 10-11 pounds and is a red-brown smooth-haired dachshund.
He loves stuffed toys, curling up under a blanket either in his round bed, or against your legs in your bed. He's very, very affectionate.
  He has separation anxiety, so we crated him when going out and leave the radio on.We also put treats with him and a toy. He calms down after awhile. He likes to jump up, so we working to calm that already.
Cooper Close up!
     On Sunday afternoon, we met his temporary owner who surrendered him to the rescue. The woman, named Lisa explained that this little guy belonged to an elderly man in Wisconsin, whose wife passed and the man was going to put this puppy into a kill shelter. Lisa took the dog, despite having 3 OTHER DOGS, 2 Cats and 3 young children. Lisa and her husband moved to Maryland in the last month and realized they couldn't give this pup the attention he needs in his developmental years, so they called the rescue to find him a good home.
  FOSTER PLACEMENT IN A GREAT HOME - In the meantime we got a wonderful couple with two little girls cleared for approval to become new dachshund foster parents. We met Shayne when we hired his company to install a new sidewalk on the side of our garage. When he saw our dachshunds he said he and his wife always wanted to adopt one, so we told them about the foster program- and there was a dog coming in that needed a foster home: COOPER.
  I did a home visit and the house was perfect. Shayne and his wife Meagan were ready for a dog. Once I got the approval, I talked it over with Melissa, the Rescue coordinator, and we agreed that Cooper would be a perfect first foster dog.
Cooper and Shayne

Harper, Shayne and Cooper
  ON MONDAY, SEPT. 24th, COOPER WENT TO HIS NEW FOSTER HOME - I (Rob) brought him to Shayne and Meagan's house and spent an hour going over stuff, and watching Cooper meet his new family. I could  see how much they fell in love with him.  It was tough to see Cooper go to his new home, but we have become friends and will see the little guy and get to know Shayne, Meagan and their girls! What a great and happy ending.
Meet Cooper!

a Cooper Cuddle

Tom holds a sniffing Cooper

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