Monday, September 10, 2012

MAINE TRIP: Day 2: Part 2: Exploring Portland, Maine's Ghosts: Part 2

This is where we fueled up to detect those ghosts!
OUR FUEL FOR GHOST DETECTION - We found a Dunkin' Donuts in downtown Portland, Maine - and we visited it frequently in the hours that we enjoyed the city.

We both sensed the ghost in the back of this shop
Portland is filled with wonderful old shops that sell cool things and with great restaurants. One of the places we walked into was called "Shipwreck and Cargo" located at 207 Commercial Street Portland, ME 04101. This is a really cool store and we enjoyed walking through it, until we got to the back of the store. I (Rob) walked into the back of the shop first and my head was pounding, indicating that a ghost (or a spirit) was present. The ghost was VERY strong in the back of the store. As I walked back to the front of the store, the headache lessened, confirming that the ghost was standing in the back of the store near a display of tee shirts. 
  Tom walked over to me and asked if I felt the ghostly man in the back of the store. I told him I really felt the presence strongly in the back of the store, so I knew for sure that's where the ghost was lingering. I went back to the area and took a couple of photos, but nothing came out in them. I learned why shortly.
Pic inside the back of the shop where the ghost was walking

Pic2 inside the back of the shop where the ghost was walking

Tom and Rob with the pirate outside the haunted store

Tom and I decided to leave the shop and pose for a picture outside with the pirate statute. Of course, it looked like my head was cut off, but I was holding the camera myself and taking the picture!

The same ghost followed us through the buildings and lingered in here, too.
THE GHOST WALKS THROUGH WALLS - We walked down the street and into a store called Asia West. They are direct importers and purveyors of home and garden furnishings located at 219 Commercial Street  Portland, ME 04101, six doors down from "Shipwreck and Cargo." Tom said that he sensed the ghost of man in the store. He said the man's name began with an "R." I (Rob) suddenly heard a man (ghost) say "My name is Renaud." He worked there when it was a location for seaport operations. He was the ghost that lingered in the back of the other store and walked through the walls of six stores to tell us who he is and what he was doing there. This was the seaport where he worked (likely in the 1800s) and loved being a part of. When he died, he didn't want to leave, so he came back there as a ghost and still likes walking up and down the seaport today.

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