Monday, December 31, 2012

Double Dog Surgery Week

Franklin and Dolly - this summer at a winery in PA
Over the weekend I mentioned that Dolly (the Weimaraner) and Franklin  (the Dachshund), both now 8 years old, cracked teeth on their dinosaur dental nylabones. Apparently, that's because like humans, their teeth get more brittle as they age. 
  They've been enjoying the dental dinosaurs since they were puppies and loved them. In fact, the vet said during the consultation appt. this weekend, that the dinosaurs likely kept their gums in great condition, and kept the tartar off their teeth. Dolly has never needed a dental cleaning in her entire 8 years!
  Well, now, aging has caught up, and they both need a molar removed, and both on the same side.  Dolly also has a couple of fatty lumps that dogs get, so she's going to have three of those removed, too. 
  SURGERY DAY is Thursday, January 3rd for both Dolly and Franklin, so please keep them in your thoughts. 
  NOTE:  If you have an older dog, don't give them dental dinosaurs- although I recommend them for younger dogs- they really have saved a lot of dental probs during our kids' younger years. 

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