Sunday, December 30, 2012

Video blog:Great new book by Dolly Parton: "Dream More: Celebrate the Dreamer in You"

There's a great new inspirational book to offer you guidance to achieve your dreams, and it was written by my (Rob) favorite singer/entertainer, Dolly Parton. I just finished reading it and really enjoyed it.  Of course, I highly recommend it!!
    The book is called  "Dream More: Celebrate the Dreamer in You." ABC News says "Parton reveals how she achieved such success and how others can too, advising people to "Dream More," "Learn More," "Care More" and "Do More." Parton's book is based on a 2009 commencement address she gave at the University of Tennessee that became a YouTube sensation."
  Here she sings a short song based on the book called "Celebrate the Dreamer in You" - LOVE IT!  (of course, I'm biased).


Here are some Questions and Answers Dolly answered recently in an interview with The Hartford Courant newspaper: 
Q: Did writing the book do more for you or for others?
A: I enjoyed writing it but I wanted to write it for others. It was something I knew about. I thought it might be helpful to other people to know my philosophy, how I do my work, how I try to live. It was a way to generate money for my Imagination Library while I take a break from touring. I thought it would be a good thing to dig down and gather up some things I could share.

Q: In your book you write almost happily about being part of a poor family. Was there a positive side to wanting?
A: The good thing about being needy is you don't really realize it until you are older. Coming from a poor family, it made me always appreciate the value of a dollar no matter how much money I make. I remember how my daddy would scrape by to raise us. I never squander money. I don't spend thousands on a piece of clothing and while I have some good jewelry, I like my costume jewelry the best.

Q: How did you approach writing the book? How long did it take?
A: It didn't take me long, maybe about three months. I was asked to give the commencement speech at University of Tennessee and that kind of started it. I talked about my dreams and my life. After I gave the speech, people said 'you should put that in a book.' I am a writer. I do write songs. But writing songs is much easier than writing speeches or books. I'm sure I'll write another someday but not right now.

Q: Reports are that you smell really good these days? What perfume are you wearing? A: I am working on a line of perfume of my own and still testing combinations so I guess that is what everyone is smelling. There's a lot of musk in the trials but we are getting close. It is going to be called "Dolly" and I've been working on it for a few years. 

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