Friday, December 21, 2012

Book Talk with Mike Ricksecker/Remembering Ed

Rob's 2nd Book
On Wed. night, I (Rob) had the opportunity to give a 10 minute talk about my two books "Lessons Learned from Talking to the Dead," and "Ghosts and Spirits," at the Maryland Writers Association meeting in Annapolis. I asked my friend, author, and "Ghostorian" Mike Ricksecker to join me and give readings from a couple of his 4 books. Mike wrote "Ghosts of Maryland," "Ghosts and Legends of Oklahoma," and two mysteries: "Deadly Heirs," and "System of the Dead." 
  Our friend Ed C. joined us to show support and see what 11 other local authors were reading. There were some interesting stories: one short science fiction story, one Christmas story,  a murder mystery of a woman trying to off her horrible husband, and a certain poet stand out.
Ed G inspired me to share his messages

  Instead of reading from either of my books, I talked about them in general - I wrote them to give people hope who lost loved ones. I explained some of the science behind ghosts and spirits, and told two short personal stories: How my dad helped me prove he was still around during his funeral, and how Tom's former, late partner Ed G. (pictured) gave me disconnected signs that helped prove he was still here, and that he was with every member of his family the week before we visited his dad in Virginia last year. I was inspired (by his spirit) to talk about him because Wed. the 19th marked the 16th year of his passing. People listened and seemed to appreciate and understand, and at the end of the event, three people came up to me and talked with me or asked about the books.
   One gentleman surprised me and gave me a poem he wrote. He said one night when he was in bed, a ghost stood at the end of his bed and recited the words of the poem. He wrote them down. The ghost gave him a full name- first, middle and last name. The poem was about the Civil War and how he died in it. He had someone research the name who determined the man was from Virginia, died in the war, and his body was never found to bury. Apparently he wanted closure so he could cross over, and did so by telling this man about his death through a poem. Amazing.
     Mike followed me and read from his "Ghosts of Maryland" and the book I just finished reading called "Deadly Heirs." That's the first in his series of "Chase DeBarlo Mysteries," and it was GREAT! I'm not just saying this because I've recently befriended Mike. I read a lot of mysteries and enjoy J.A. Jance, Donald Bain, Laura Lippman, A. Conan Doyle and many others. Mike's P.I. (Private investigator) character was likeable and personable, and Mike's writing very visual. You feel like you're walking with the P.I. and get very visual images of where he is, and who he's talking with. "Deadly Heirs" also had a surprise twist ending that I didn't expect that made the book really enjoyable. I HIGHLY recommend "Deadly Heirs" and look forward to reading Mike's next in the series.

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