Sunday, August 12, 2012

Rob Joins Ghost Investigation in Baltimore

One of the cool things I (Rob) to do is investigate places that may be haunted. Yesterday, I joined Margaret and Ronda of Inspired Ghost Tracking (the group Tom and I belong to) and Barry, who is a co-owner of a great Scarborough Fair Bed and Breakfast in Baltimore to walk the streets of the Federal Hill neighborhood and see what kinds of ghostly activity I could pick up, being the medium I am. :) 
Rob tells Barry and Ronda about a murder that happened on this spot.
  I've been to Federal Hill many times, and have never sensed anything, usually because I was paying attention to the people I was with or the event I attended. This time my focus was tuning in to the energy and events of the past.
  I honestly didn't expect much, but walked away with about 12 different entities all with distinctly different stories. Most of them were outside, because we didn't go inside buildings -  which is somewhat unusual, because ghosts usually linger in places they were familiar with, unless they died outside, as several people did, and still lingered.
CONFIRMATIONS:   I'm not going to give any details here, but I will say that I was able to confirm several of them!  In one case on a certain street I sensed an accident (long ago) and identified the type of person killed and how- and Ronda, the group historian, said she had read about that very accident in her research!   In one of the places, now a bar and eatery I sensed a shadow man and it was confirmed by the bartenders. 
WHO WERE THESE GHOSTS?  I received messages from dead people from all walks of life: a politician, warehouse worker, rum-runner from Prohibition, a prostitute, banker and more. I was able to sketch several of them out, too.
  In short, this event was very much like my experience in England - there were a lot of ghosts around. I just had to tune in an pay attention. Eventually, all of these stories, once proven by Ronda as she continues to search through historic records, will be published or put into a tour (Which is why I can't disclose any details now) . I'll keep you posted.

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