Wednesday, August 15, 2012

ENGLAND TRIP: Day 8: Part 1: Drive of Terror

Typical, thin U.K. country road, lined with overgrowth
Welcome back to our England trip blog! - Driving the city streets in London was frightening enough, with the heavy traffic and learning head on how to drive on the "other side" of the road. The real challenge lay in driving through the country roads of England!
  When we left Thornbury Castle, we had to drive about 2 hours through very narrow country roads to get to our next destination, the City of Bath. The country roads were barely wide enough for two cars, and yes, they were two lane highways, one lane going one way, the other lane going the opposite direction. Fortunately, we had a compact car, but that didn't matter much. I would've even been sweating on a bicycle!
   The drivers on the country roads speed, of course, because they're used to it, or they have a death wish. Tom was navigating and I (Rob) was driving, and had all to do to keep up speed and not run into the 10 foot high shrubs that lined all of the roads!
Driving in terror!
  To make matters more complicated, it was grey and overcast, and as usual during this trip, it was sprinkling. Tom was very stressed in the passenger seat and he was being very critical of my driving, so I dubbed him a "major cootimus." :)  Of course, he wanted no part of driving, but he laughed that he didn't mind complaining in fear!   I told him that I'm the one that has to worry. The driver's side is closest to the middle of the road!  Regardless, I think we both sweated off about 10 pounds in the two hour drive.

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