Sunday, August 19, 2012

ENGLAND TRIP: Day 8: Part 5: Misfiring GPS & Surprising Spirit Helps

I mentioned previously that we received a sign from Ed's spirit when he dropped a coin in front of Tom while we were in Bath. After we got in the rental car to head to our next destination, Windsor, England, we really found out that Ed was around.

For several days we had used the GPS unilt and it got us to our destinations without incident. Not this time. After we left the city of Bath, we were headed to Windsor for our last two nights in England. The GPS got us on the highway and we followed it for about an hour, knowing we were going in the right direction. The GPS then instructed us to get off the highway and instructed us to go on a two lane road, so we followed it, thinking this was a short cut to another highway.

Similar to the street we were lost on
The GPS directed us into what appeared to be a rural neighborhood, and we kept wondering what was going on. It had not previously steered us wrong, so we thought that it was just going to take us on a back street to get to a highway. It didn't. We were in a hilly, rural, tree lined, winding neighborhood! The next sound from the GPS was "Take a left and go OFF ROAD!" I thought we were hearing things, and took the left to see a DIRT road before us with a large mound of horse manure in the middle of it. We were LOST. We backed out and pulled over.

The GPS is programmed by postal code. Apparently, the postal code we had for Windsor was incorrect and took us to an unpopulated, misbegotten place where there were a few widely scattered residences, way off the twisting, winding, tree-liined road. It was like being in an horror movie setting. We couldn't remember the way back to the main road. Tom tried frantically to find the way out, using the GPS while I parked the rental car and got out. We were nervous and it was getting late in the afternoon. The sun had already dropped behind the trees.

Our rescuer suddenly appears
Out of nowhere, literally, and over the hill behind us came a red "Royal Mail" delivery truck. I couldn't believe that someone would actually be coming through that remote neighborhood at that time, late in the day. I flagged the driver down and he pulled over.

He stepped out of the truck and was about my height, slender with a mop of hair flecked with grey and black. He had a thin face and glasses and looked hauntingly familiar to me. I explained what happened and he said that he just had 3 deliveries on that remote street left to do, and we can follow him to the highway. I got back in the rental car and looked at Tom, who said "he looks just like Ed would have looked, had he lived today." Ed passed in 1996 of an accidental mixture of prescription medications. I was stunned and totally agreed. I had seen enough photos of Ed to know that it very well could've been him. But who would expect Ed's doppleganger to come out of nowhere at a weird hour of the day, delivering mail in the middle of nowhere to save us? That's how spirits work. I still shake my head about this meeting, and feel as if I truly did meet Ed in the flesh.

Ed as he appeared in 1996, Just give him gray hair and glasses to see our rescuer
We followed Ed's doppleganger's mail truck to the highway and waved to him when he went a different way.

All the way to Windsor, we talked about Ed's doppleganger. We were astounded. Once we got into Windsor, we managed to find the rental car return location as the GPS was working again. After we dropped the car off, we took a cab to our next destination. On the way to the bed and breakfast, Tom saw a U.K. emissions testing sign (we later learned it means "Motorvehicle Operations Testing) that said "M.O.T. Testing."
  In 2008, "MOT" was something that Ed's spirit told Rob to call Tom when they were coming out of a Barnes and Noble store in the U.S. It was something that Ed used to call Tom when he was alive. Ed would call Tom "M.O.T" for "Mean Ole Thing." That was the final sign from Ed that he truly was with us on our trip to England, and we were both very happy to have him along.

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