Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Howard County Historical Society Ghost Hunt: PART 2: Tingling Chairs

Juror's Chairs with a lot of residual energy
Last week's blog mentioned my joining the Inspired Ghost-trackers of Odenton, Md. to investigate the Howard County Historical Museum in old Ellicott City, Md.     Read the previous blog to follow the investigation. 
  When my friend Troy (also a medium) and I approached the front left corner of the room, Troy sensed a strong energy. I walked over to two identical chairs because I was drawn to them. I touched the arm of one of the chairs and felt "pins and needles" in my fingertips that spread throughout my hand. It was residual energy of anxiety and nervousness. That's when I looked at the sign on the chairs to see that they were seats for jurors in the nearby courthouse! 
  -It made perfect sense. Jurors, especially those debating for the life or death of a defendant would feel nervous or anxious. 
Ronda also gets the "pins and needles" feeling.
  Troy touched the chairs and experienced the exact same feeling. In fact, the tingling shot all the way up his arm, he told me and Ronda from the Ghost tracker group. We wanted to verify this, so we also asked Ronda to put her hand there, and she, too, experienced the pins and needles feeling in her hand.
  The bottom line is that if we are experiencing a lot of emotion while holding an object, or about an object, some of our energy will be absorbed or imprinted into it. 
   *NEXT   IN PART 3, Troy and I sense the same Female Presence
   *COMING  IN PART 4, A former pastor enables me to draw him, and then I find a photo of him that matches!

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