Saturday, August 20, 2011


     For those of you that are regular readers of this blog, please disregard today’s posting. The intended reader of this posting is someone searching the Internet for information leading to Marshall F. Peck – something we should have done before entering into a contract with him to renovate a bathroom in our house. The timing is right for doing this, as we have exhausted every available means to seek remuneration – to make things right – hoping that Mr. Peck would return the money that he stole from us.
     In late November 2009, I (Tom) signed a contract with Mr. Peck to gut and remodel a small 35 sf bathroom in our house. A deposit of $2500 was paid at contract signing, approximately 1/3 of the contract amount. Mr. Peck started the work within one week, and promised to complete the project by Christmas. Work progressed slowly, sometimes days would pass with no one showing up to work. Debris from the demolition was piled in the driveway out in front of the house.
     In early December, Mr. Peck showed up and requested another draw, which was paid. Note to the reader: On days that Marshall wishes to be paid, he will show up with a crew of workers and there will be a flurry of activity to impress the homeowner, and lull him into a false sense of security that something is happening. Another $3,000 was paid to Mr. Peck and he promptly disappeared for another week.
     In late December, it was apparent that the bathroom was not going to be completed by Christmas. There was a pile of dirt in the corner. All of the drywall had been removed. The plumbing had been roughed-in for the new shower. New materials had been stored in the garage. And the pile of debris in the driveway remained. He showed up on Saturday, December 23, in true form with a crew in tow. He asked for another draw. Another payment of $2500 was paid to Mr. Peck. This was the last day that we saw Mr. Peck in person and the last day that we spoke to him.
     In early January, one of Mr. Peck’s workers showed up at our house on a Sunday evening, and informed us that he had not been paid for work done on our house and that he was going to file a mechanic’s lien against our property. I paid the worker what he said he was due. We told the worker that no one has shown up to finish the bathroom and we could not get Mr. Peck to return our phone calls. The worker said that he was told by Mr. Peck to not return to our house. The worker said that he and his brother could finish our project in two weeks if we hired him, which we promptly did. The bathroom was eventually finished, but it took three weeks.
     After several months of attempting to reach Mr. Peck by phone, requesting the return of a portion of what he was paid, and receiving no response, we sued Mr. Peck in the District Court of Prince George’s County. Mr. Peck was duly served but did not appear in court on the appointed court date. A default judgment against Mr. Peck was awarded for the amount requested. We hired an attorney to assist us in collecting the judgment. We discovered that Mr. Peck has nothing in his name. The house in which he lives, in West River, is in the name of his wife, Tamra Peck. We also found that Mr. Peck has 16 judgments against him, which can be discovered by searching the court records which are posted online. He has duped just about everyone from an electrical supplier to a roofing and siding company to other homeowners like us. Of course, he never responded to the correspondence from our attorney.  We filed a motion, signed by a judge, compelling Mr. Peck to respond to the attorney’s letter. No response. We subsequently appealed to the Maryland State’s Attorney’s Office - Consumer Protection Division, the Better Business Bureau, and the Maryland Home Improvement Commission, not necessarily to seek their help in getting Mr. Peck to return the money, but with the hope that they would take note that this guy was operating in the state and ripping people off. All of our correspondence to these resources was returned; these agencies have no interest in shutting this guy down and prevent him from operating in the state.
     So we are posting this blog. If your Internet search has brought you here, beware of Marshall F. Peck. He is known to be operating in the Bowie and Potomac areas of the State of Maryland. In addition to operating under his own name, he is also conducting business under PARSONS DESIGN & CONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT, LLC. When we knew him, he was driving a late model Ford pickup truck, maroon color, with Virginia plates, with damage to the rear tailgate.
     We recommend that you do not engage him in any home improvement project.

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