Monday, August 1, 2011

Another place that doesn't know how to Spell

Tom and I enjoy seeing names of places that are mis-spelled, or make up words. It just reminds us that there are a lot of bad spellers, or uneducated people in business.
  Like the "Preceptual Praise House of God." THAT "winner" is in Crofton, Maryland. There's no such word as "Preceptual" There's a similar word "Perceptual"  which is likely what they were going for because it means "of, relating to, or involving perception especially in relation to immediate sensory experience." Well, maybe not.
 - Here's this month's winner (LOSER). We think they were trying to spell the word "Illusions."  This hair salon, however, is spelled "Ilussions." What the hell does that mean? 
 - It means that whomever they paid to make the sign doesn't know how to spell either!

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