Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Lunchbreak: Is There a Full Moon This Week???

Is there a full moon this week? Are the stars mis-aligned since someone suggested adding a new astrological sign to the zodiac?  I ask because each day there have been stupid things to irritate the heck out of me.
1) World Gym Billing Fiasco (now called something else because they apparently lost the franchise name)- I had a membership there and haven't been attending for a long time because the facility was in a state of disrepair (little a/c in the summer, little heat in the winter). So, I swallowed the bullet and paid a lump sum to cancel my membership back on April 19. I spoke with their billing dept. at that time, told them this was a cancellation and they gave me the whopping pay off figure (several hundred dollars) which I paid in good faith. End of story? NO.  This past Saturday in the mail I received a bill from their billing company for $83. For a $20 monthly fee in Feb. (what??), a $34 late fee, and another $29 penalty fee. *I was NOT happy. I called the gym. They said my membership was canceled and they had record of the payment. I called the billing folks (not working Saturday or Sunday of course) on Monday. They said they think my membership was still active and "rolled over." They said that whomever took all of money to close the membership apparently didn't do that. They're now canceling the membership. I called again Tuesday at lunch and talked with a nice guy named Rob (go figure) who waived the other fee and agreed this is foolish. He's also checking with the gym to see if they'll waive the annual $20 monthly February fee.
2) Nasty Neighbors - I was walking the dogs at lunch today, Tuesday, when someone got in their car (which was parked in their driveway). They started the car, so I stopped all three dogs on the sidewalk so the man could back out and we'd safely wait until he was gone. *Just then, an older woman opened the front door YELLING at me to "Go find another sidewalk to have your dogs crap on!"  I shouted back that I was just waiting for her housemate to back up so I could move on, and I ALWAYS pick up after the dogs. I was steamed. She looked at me and waved me off.
3) Mental Illness- No, not me, my mom (sadly). Dementia goes through cycles with people and my mom's dementia is progressing. At night I find she's at her worst, but I can't call during a work day because she loves to ramble about 1951, 1962, 1973, 1986, 1990, well, you get it. *My brothers and I have been paying for snow plows to plow out her driveway and walkways (she lives in very SNOWY Mass.) this year. So, she found out I sent a check for last week's 1 1/2 feet (the plow charges by the inch). She was furious. Why? Because "they didn't plow right and wipe my car off." Uh-huh. She also said she'd rather be plowed in, but can't stand being in the house (all in one breath) and can't handle a big house. I mentioned moving to an over 55 complex and her head spun 360 degrees and my phone was melting. I finally said "I can't talk with you anymore."
SO, I ask... is there a full moon this week?

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