Wednesday, January 19, 2011

From Today's News: Japan wants to bring mammoth out of extinction

FROM TODAY'S NEWS - Interesting. I wonder if this will work...
Japan wants to bring mammoth out of extinction with cloning technology    
BIG NEWS NETWORK -Japanese researchers announced Monday that they will try to bring the extinct mammoth back to life within the next five years, according to Japanese media reports.
   The ambitious project was announced by a team led by Akira Iritani, a professor emeritus of Kyoto University. They will attempt to bring the extinct Ice Age creature back to life by using tissue from a carcass preserved in Russia.
   This tissue will then be used to clone the ancient pachyderm and the nuclei of mammoth cells will be injected into an elephant’s egg cell, from which the nuclei have been removed.
   It is hoped that this will create a mammoth embryo, which will then be inserted into the uterus of an elephant so that the embryo develops and is given birth to as normal.
   The huge woolly mammoth died out in the last Ice Age and the elephant is its closest modern relative, though there is no certainty that the plan will work.

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