Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Foster Dog Coming!

It's a lot of work to be a foster parent to a dog, but it's a lot of work to even get the dog!
 - We work with Coast to Coast Dachshund Rescue and they've been rescuing abandoned Dachshunds for many years. We've had a couple of foster dogs in the past and both were adopted. We also did transports for others (Weimaraners and Dachshunds). In one transport, we drove a Weimaraner from Virginia to Pennsylvania (Yay, Buddy!), and another took us from Maryland to Connecticut.
 - This week, we're expecting a foster dog named "Sprite" to come into our lives. Sprite is between 8 and 10 years old, and is a red smooth-haired Dachshund, like our beloved Franklin. :)  Sprite belonged to an elderly couple in Ohio. The wife passed 3 months ago, and the husband recently passed, leaving Sprite homeless (until the Rescue heard about him). - During the 3 months that Sprite's mom had passed, her elderly dad couldn't let him out, so he lost his housetraining habits (poor thing!).
- We did hear that he hasn't had any accidents with the other rescue folks and just wants affection and to burrow under a blanket. We don't even have a photo of him.
 - It also turns out that Sprite has never, ever been to a vet in all of his 8-10 years!! SO, because his teeth are rotted and his breath is rancid, he's going to need teeth removed. He's also needing all his shots, blood tests, heartworm test, etc. He also hasn't been neutered, and yes, even an older dog still has the stuff to make puppies, so neutering is also on the "To Do List."
- On Wednesday night, Rob is driving about 4+ hours to and from Frederick, Md. to get Sprite from another rescue person, who got him from an Ohio rescue person. Yes, Sprite has been on the move.
Franklin thinking,
"HEY! There's only one
male dog in this house!
What's the idea of bringing
in Sprite?"
- On Thursday, Rob is bringing Sprite to the vet for the first half of all the medical needs. The teeth removal and spaying come soon afterward.
- Another challenge was that the vet that the rescue works with is located in Gaithersburg. Anyone who knows the Wash DC/Baltimore area knows that during rush hour, to go from the east side of the DC Beltway to the west side, and then north would take about 2-3 HOURS (for a 22 mile drive). So, Rob contacted our local vet, who agreed to work with the rescue. YAY!  That saves about 12 hours of driving (2 days of back and forth). Whew! All we can say is that Dr. Varner of Family Veterinary in Gambrills, Md. is awesome. We are forever grateful.
- We'll let you know Sprite's status and update on the blog as time goes on. Meanwhile, we're looking forward to helping out this poor pup by fostering him and giving him a temporary, loving home.

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