Tuesday, November 9, 2010

America's (and my) Impatience With Politics

I looked back at what happened 2 years after Presidents Clinton and Bush were in office for 2 years. Americans thought that they weren't coming through with their campaign promises "Fast Enough" so they fired a lot of the Congressmen in the interim elections that supported those presidents. Americans just did the same STUPID thing to President Obama.
* Why are Americans so damned impatient?
* It requires ONLY common sense to know that that ANY president can't accomplish EVERYTHING they promise in 2 years.
* Now "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" will likely NOT be repealed and hatred and inequality will continue under a GOP-run House.
* Why do people who vote for Republicans think that EVERYONE should live under the Christian Bible? - A LOT of Americans aren't even Christian!  Would they like it if they were forced to live under another religion? NO.   Our forefathers outright stated religion should be "tolerated" but NOT rule the land.
--- The Democrats passed a health care bill that takes care of SO MANY that didn't have health care, people who were before denied coverage, and extends coverage to kids up to 26 for families. Yes, it will cost a little more, but they NOW can have coverage. People seem to complain about everything and expect everything for free. I have 4 words; GROW UP. TAKE RESPONSIBILITY. (okay, 2 more: Shut Up!).
* SO,  Now that the GOP has more Congresspeople coming in, what's their plan? A: "Reverse everything the democrats did."   What kind of STUPID plan is that? How about doing something constructive instead of destructive?  So, that means they want more years of how it was under the Bush Administration? I don't know about you, but I thought those were 8 years of pandering to the rich, inciting Fear into the public, and rewarding a lot of bad behavior.
* I just heard "Boner" (as I call him) who is vying to be Speaker of the House, say "Republicans will NOT compromise with the President on ANYTHING. We were elected to be the ruling party." 
WHAT?!?!? People didn't elect this fool to create gridlock. The election showed that people want more of a balance in politics, NOT a takeover. How totally arrogant.  People like him are what is totally wrong with the GOP.  How disrespectful and arrogant.
    So, that's what we're in for. The President wants to meet in the middle, and the GOP says "to hell with that. We're doing things our way ONLY." Idiots.
Congratulations people, YOU brought these hateful GOP people into office. Enjoy the gridlock and hatefulness.

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