Thursday, February 4, 2010

One of Those Days that Break the Routine... sigh!

The day hasn't really been underway a long time, but it is already "interesting." Some days, little challenges present themselves that just have to break the routine. Like our dogs, we like routine. When something happens that disrupt the routine we find ourselves getting impatient. Today has been nothing like routine.
One of our dogs woke us up at 4am this morning, when we could've slept until 5:30am. We turned on the computer to find that the updates we installed on Windows Vista crashed the entire computer, and it wouldn't boot up. In fact, it just beeped continually at us, saying part of the boot drive was missing. How could THAT happen when we only installed updates??? I don't understand computer behavior. SO, I was able to boot the system disk that led me to "reinstall Windows Vista." I hit it. It sat for an hour and did NOTHING, while saying "downloading."
I decided I couldn't work from home, so hurriedly got dressed, got the dogs together, packed their treats, grabbed by briefcase, and drove to Doggy day care. I was running low on gas, so I stopped to gas up at a Sunoco. It was so cold this morning, the buttons on the pump were frozen. So I had to keep re-entering my credit card, and pressing the same buttons until it took. In got coffee to go at Dunkin', dropped the dogs off, and headed back home to check the computer. It was beeping incessantly, so I hit every darn key I could and it stopped. I then put in the VISTA reboot disk, and waited 10 minutes. It said "loading…" all that time, so I decided to run to the office. Who knows what I find when I go home at lunch to look at it… This is the 2nd time in 45 days that I had to RE-INSTALL VISTA and wipe everything off the computer. I think it's time for a new computer... and as Tom and I always say, "Everything costs at least $1,000.00."
Anyway, You may not see blogs for awhile!

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