Wednesday, December 16, 2015

This week's "How Gullible Are You"?

 It's time for another edition of "How Gullible Are you?"  - It seems like every week there are a lot of false rumors circulating in email around the Internet. This will help you know whether they're real or fake before you even get them!

Not See Logo
FALSE -  Donald Trump's campaign did not unveil a new logo that resembles a swastika.  
Yes, even this stupidity was a rumor...

White Folks and Fake Quotes
FALSE -  First Lady Michelle Obama did not say that "white folks are what's wrong with America" during a commencement speech at Tuskegee University.

An Interesting Take on Trump
FALSE - Conservative commentator William J. Bennett did not pen an essay hypothesizing that Donald Trump would be killed before he could be elected President.

Don't Gild the Willy
FALSE -  Various fake news sites reported that a lottery winner died after gold-plating his genitals.

Navajo Rations
FALSE -  No, President Obama isn't sending 250,000 "Muslim refugees" to Navajo lands in Arizona and North Dakota.

Joint Commissions
FALSE - No, the federal government isn't paying study participants $3,000 a week to smoke marijuana.

Toys Soldiers?
FALSE - A photograph does not show Syrian orphans holding guns as they make their way to the United States.

Shooter Affiliation
FALSE - Robert Lewis Dear, the alleged Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood shooter, was not born a woman.  

Exploitation Nation
FALSE - No, Germany and the European Union are not legalizing pedophilia.

O Christmas Fee
FALSE -  Neither President Obama nor the FCC fined ABC for airing "A Charlie Brown Christmas" because it was offensive to non-Christians.

Granddaddy Trump
FALSE -  Donald Trump's grandfather Frederick Trump was not a pimp and drug dealer who made his fortune running a brothel and opium den.

A Korean Ghost Ship. Credit: CNN
Korean Ghost Ships Wash Ashore in Japan
TRUE- (But has happened many times before) Korean "ghost ships" carrying corpses have washed ashore in Japan, but the phenomenon is neither new nor poorly understood.

Ugly Children Disposal
FALSE - A photograph that shows a child in a wastebasket next to a sign that reads "Dispose of your ugly

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