Sunday, December 6, 2015

It is difficult to get into the "Season"

    It's difficult to get into the "season" when we have legislators who don't seem to care about simple protections for all citizens. Can someone tell me a good reason why these things were rejected?
The Senate just rejected gun control amendments that would have 1) expanded background checks for guns purchased online and at gun shows and 2) prevent individuals on the terror watch list from purchasing firearms.
     Why would anyone not want these things to keep people safe?
    It makes no sense to me. Doing nothing is Not the right answer.
    - Yes, I know there's a "black market" but why not make it harder to get these assault weapons? And do hunters really need an AK-15 for deer hunting? (when did deer start carrying firearms and wearing body armor?) I am Not talking banning guns - so don't panic, just assault weapons.
      In my opinion, anyone who votes for those who oppose making these assault weapons harder to get, is just as responsible for the death of all the victims. The children in CT, the San Bernadino office workers, the Utah college and the other 352 mass murders.

Gift/Memorial Suggestions

Several of our friends have lost loved ones (human and pets) and we found that one of the best ways to honor their memory is to give to an animal charity.
What better way to recognize a life of love, than by giving another life a chance for love?
We donate to many animal rescues, but because we volunteer with
DC Weimaraner Rescue and Coast-to-Coast Dachshund Rescue, those are our 2 favorites.
Consider giving the chance of life to a dog or cat.

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Tom and Rob Thinking Hard!
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