Thursday, April 9, 2015

Video Proof: My Mom's Spirit Visit: Playing with Lights!

On Monday, April 6th I was teleworking when my mom's spirit visited our house and made her presence known by manipulating electricity and I had the wherewithal to videotape and try to debunk it in the 30 seconds it was happening.
   We have a nice sun porch where I telework when the temperatures warm enough outside to warm the porch to a comfy 70 degrees Fahrenheit. On Monday, temperatures were higher than that outside (finally!) and the sun porch was the place to work.
  Around 3 p.m. EDT, our three dogs who were sitting on the carpet in the sun porch and on a bed in the kitchen, started barking. I didn't hear anything, but I got a headache in the back of my head, which is always indicative to me of a ghost (earth bound) or spirit (that crossed over). I got up and turned around and went into the kitchen to find the chandelier light over our kitchen table turning bright, and turning dim!  I sensed a woman's spirit in the kitchen. I whipped out my cell phone and videotaped the lights, and then walked over to the switch and tapped on the switch to show they were in the "OFF" position.
   HOW CAN SPIRITS AFFECT ELECTRICITY? - Because they're energy, they have the ability to manipulate electricity, and make lights go dim or bright. 
   WHAT DID I DO? -    I acknowledged the spirit, but because the dogs also saw her and wouldn't stop barking (they knew my mom in the physical sense, and obviously they recognized her because it was a happy bark, not an irritated bark). The barking, however, was distracting so I couldn't hone in on the identity of the spirit. I solved that shortly thereafter.
  SOLVING THE MYSTERY OF THE SPIRIT IDENTITY- Earlier that day I wrote a story about a tropical cyclone and for some reason used the title of a Beatles song from 1969 called "Come Together, Right Now." I don't have Beatles music and never listened to them all that much (don't judge!), but was inspired to use that song title. Keep that in mind, because SPIRITS CAN INFLUENCE OUR THOUGHTS.  About 2 hours later I was driving to a chiropractor appointment and said "Okay, give me a clue to your identity." That's when the Beatles song "Let it Be" came on the radio, and the line "Mother Mary Come to Me" stood out. My mother used to identify with that line (no, her name wasn't Mary)- because Mary was her favorite "saint." That confirmed for me that it was my Mom. She was saying hello for some reason (although she was around again on Easter an influenced me to bake a bunny cake that I hadn't made in over a decade and used to bake for her when I was a teenager living at home). So, Mom is around. I'm listening for another clue to see if she's hanging around for more than a "Hello."


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